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Meet Rajinikanth’s doppelganger from Pakistan; netizens baffled over his striking resemblance with Thalaivar

The Internet has a habit of looking for lookalikes of your favorite celebrities. In 2020 a Twitter user tweeted a picture of RajinikanthA doppelganger named Rahmat Gashkori, a retired government employee from Pakistan. Her pictures have once again become a topic of discussion on the internet and her pictures have now gone viral.

In the picture, Rahmat is seen wearing a white colored pathani. He is seen wearing a Rajinikanth-like hairstyle and beard with a gold watch. An infectious smile can be seen spreading across his face. Her looks have stunned the netizens with her striking resemblance to Thalaivar. Many people even felt that his body language is also very similar to Rajinikanth.

During a conversation with Arab News, Rahmat said that he did not do much about his resemblance to Rajinikanth while he worked in the deputy commissioner’s office in Sibi. After his retirement, he started using social media and many people found his look similar to Rajinikanth. “I accepted it because I realized that God has blessed me as a great actor and human being,” he said.

After seeing the positive comments, Rahmat started imitating Rajinikanth and adopted his modus operandi including the way the superstar was lighting a cigarette. He recalled an incident when he was in Karachi for his medical checkup and people thronged to take selfies with him. Many people asked him if he was Rajinikanth, to which he replied, “Yes, but I am from Pakistan”.

Rahmat expressed his desire to meet the real Rajinikanth, saying, “Now I want to meet Rajinikanth and take a photo with him to show people that there is an Indian Rajinikanth and a Pakistani Rajinikanth.”

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