Matthew Perry: Sorry I Said I Wished Keanu Reeves Were Dead!

Keanu Reeves is a beloved actor whose career spans decades. she is beautiful, charming and a famously good person.

He is the rare kind of person that no one has any problem with.

almost None, ie.

Matthew Perry mentions Keanu several times in his memoirs. negatively. it really looks like it is complaining that Keanu is still alive,

it's perry
Photo via Getty Images for the Tribeca Film Festival

Matthew Perry’s life, career, and public imagination have gone up and down over the years.

For better or worse, the world knows him best for his role in Friend,

He wrote a memoir, Friends, Lovers, and the Greatest Horror, But not all promo tours are as good as might be expected.

Perry, Matthew
We’re sending best wishes to Matthew Perry. He had major surgery in the year 2018.

As is often the case, various outlets have released several excerpts from Perry’s book to the public.

At a moment in the book, Perry discusses his friendship with the late, great River Phoenix.

“River was a beautiful person inside and out,” he admired. “Too beautiful for this world, it turned out.”

Phoenix River was also raised in God’s children until he was 8 years old. He and his sister, Varsha, lived in poverty while they were associated with the cult, not receiving any financial support from the group’s wealthy leader.

“It seems like the really talented guys go down there,” Perry lamented. This is a common feeling.

“Why is it that original thinkers like Phoenix River and Heath Ledger die,” he asked.

“But,” Perry expressed oddly, “Keanu Reeves still walks among us?”

There’s only one word for this old school tangerine photo: WHOA!

This is an extremely strange, out-of-pocket comment.

Making about someone would be hostile. Like, you’re literally complaining that someone is alive. He could at least make it into just about anyone controversial, or better yet widely despised.

Instead, Perry complained about the life of one of the most benevolent, humble, universally adored actors on the planet.

Matthew Perry in 2015
Matthew Perry is pictured here in 2015. The actor has faced many issues in his personal life over the years.

As a one-time comment, that would be weird. Like, a bad example, man – and weird to include in a memoir.

As such, people sometimes say things that seem insensitive. But the books go through editing. That was an option.

And it’s not a choice Perry only made once. He said again.

Chris Farley passed away at his Chicago apartment on December 18, 1997. Later, medical examiners determined that Farley had consumed an overdose of a mixture of heroin, cocaine, and morphine.

In another part of the memoir, Perry wrote about the death of the late great Chris Farley.

“His illness progressed faster than mine. (Plus, I had a healthy fear of the word ‘heroin,’ a fear we didn’t share),” he wrote.

Perry continued: “When I found out I poked a hole in the wall of Jennifer Aniston’s dressing room. Keanu Reeves Walks Among Us,

Keanu Reeves attended a total of four different high-schools before dropping out of the last one. He was quoted as saying, “I was just a little bit rash and would shut my mouth once in a while. I wasn’t usually the coolest oil machine in school.”

Over the decades, Keanu has enjoyed a sterling reputation – not only for his public persona, but for his actions in his personal life.

It’s not that the people who meet and work with him like him.

He is also generous with total strangers. Keanu has changed the lives of people very quietly. Because he’s a good friend.

Matthew Perry on YouTube

So… what in the world is going on?

After accidentally becoming a strong contender for Main Character on Twitter this week (a title you’d never want), he’s trying to walk it back.

“I’m actually a big fan of Keanu,” Matthew Perry now claims To People,

Matthew Perry Image
Matthew Perry will always be Chandler Bing. We mean that as a compliment. What a strange character!

“I just picked a random name, my fault,” Perry claimed.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

Perry then added in a self-deprecating tone: “I should have used my name instead.”

Keanu Reeves is best known for his roles in major films including Speed, The Matrix and Point Break, but he was also the bassist for the alternative rock band, “Dog Star” until 2002.

We don’t know if that beef, real or imaginary, could be happening to Perry’s beloved Keanu Reeves.

But he is wise enough to avoid a double whammy on one-sided hatred after meeting proportionate on social media next week

Meanwhile, his complaint about Keanu is still alive is quite funny.

seriously. That’s Keanu Reeves in 1875.

See, amidst his own instincts clearly not age And some bits of historical art, the mostly joking theory, that Keanu is immortal.

Now it’s tempting to imagine a scenario where Matthew Perry is Keanu’s longtime foe. Instead of a fellow being immortal, he is simply reborn with his memories while Keanu just lives.

It actually makes a lot more sense than what is happening here.