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Matthew Perry on Jennifer Aniston & David Schwimmer’s Crush Confession

Matthew Perry And Jennifer Aniston Just weren’t each other’s lobster.

in my new memoir friends, lovers and the great terrible thing, the actor recalled his crush on the actress in the early 90s. And while their relationship remained platonic, it seems Perry wasn’t the only one who developed romantic feelings for a classmate. David Schwimmer and Aniston revealed during Friend reunion special last year that they had crushes on each other at the start of the show (however, they also just remained friends).

So how did Perry feel about Aniston and Schwimmer’s crush confessional? “Oh, I knew. I knew,” he told SiriusXM’s . Said during the November 3 episode of The Jess Cagle Show, “I knew what was going on.”

And while Perry finally “dissolved” her crush on Aniston, she admitted it took a while.

“At first it was like, She’ll go in, I’ll be like, ‘Hey, nice to see you.’ And then I’d go to my dressing room and be like, ‘Oh, I’ll never be able to be with her,'” she remembered. “But how can you not have a crush on Jennifer Aniston, you know? But at one point I just went, ‘Okay, that’s all.'”