Maci Bookout Reacts to Cheyenne Floyd Racism Incident: White People Like Me Need to Do Better

These days, the teen Mom The franchise has often been criticized for being overly concerned with the petty squabbles between the cast and the problems that come with reality TV stardom.

But the show has a history of tackling tough subjects, and it came back this week when Maci Bookout engaged in some serious self-reflection after witnessing a disturbing incident.

in the most recent episode of Teen Mom: The Next ChapterMackie confides in a friend that a cast trip to Florida went horribly wrong.

While having lunch with his friend Raj, Macy revealed that his co-star Cheyenne Floyd became a victim of racist abuse when the group attended a rodeo.

Mackie Bookout says Cheyenne Floyd was recently harassed by fanatics. (photo via MTV)

“People were telling Cheyenne to go home. Like, she talked to us afterward. She felt vulnerable. She was very upset but really kept it together,” Bookout recalled.

“I think for me I just took away like big time, it’s not his responsibility all the time to just sit and deal with it and carry it the whole time.”

Mackie revealed that the incident affected him deeply, as it made him reflect on his own unconscious biases.

Mackie noticed something startling during a recent trip to Florida. (photo via MTV)

She told Raj, “It’s just retraining my brain to not just be a privileged white guy who doesn’t have to deal with this”.

Mackie said he realized he had not done enough to address the problem of racism in America.

She told her friend that after learning what Cheyenne is forced to endure on a regular basis, she resolved to take a more proactive approach.

Cheyenne Floyd was recently harassed by fanatics. (photo via MTV)

Bookout said she plans to talk more candidly with her children about the realities of racism and white privilege.

“I pay attention to the things I need to get better at. I mean we interact with our kids but not with little kids.”

“I’m trying to think of age-appropriate ways to keep the conversation open.”

cheyenne pickup
Shayenne isn’t looking too happy here, is she? (photo via MTV)

“I feel like every room I walk into, I’m the only black girl and everybody looks at me,” Floyd said during the visit.

Later in the episode, she observes that her co-stars sometimes seem blind to the prejudices around them.

“Why is it that I’m the only f–king person who sees all the f–king Confederate flags? Why am I sitting there? You saw that. I saw that. So what the f–k?” he said at one point.

Cheyenne in the House
Cheyenne Floyd deals with problems her co-stars don’t have to worry about. (photo via Instagram)

After leaving the rodeo, Cheyenne seemed upset that her co-stars were oblivious to her suffering.

“I don’t think I want to go back there,” she said as she sat outside the venue

“I thought it was because of the bullets,” Mackey said of Cheyenne’s absence.

Mackie Bookout on MTV
Maci Bookout in a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, the show that made her famous. (photo via MTV)

Floyd had recently been shot, and it seems Mackie thought his distress was a result of the trauma from that incident.

To her credit, when Mackey realized what had happened, she was apologetic, and took steps to address the issue of bigotry in her backyard.

Messi may have acted late, but better acting than not acting, and fans were quick to praise him for his corrective actions.

Macky's Bookout Opens
Maisie Bookout says she is a changed woman after seeing what Cheyenne Floyd was forced to endure. (photo via MTV)

“I love how Mackie and Taylor had these conversations with their kids, it’s beautiful and more white counterparts need to do the same…” tweeted one viewer. According to UK tabloid Sun,

“I applaud Macy’s effort to teach our kids about race, racism, and humanity. Not many people are doing that.”

Interestingly, Brianna DeJesus, a Florida resident who helped plan the trip, revealed that she had never encountered such prejudice in her life.

Briana DeJesus in 2021
Briana DeJesus looks worried in this photo from Teen Mom 2. (photo via MTV)

“Me personally, I’m Hispanic and I’ve never been in a situation where I felt racism affected me so I feel like it’s not my place to say anything.

“I have an African American daughter Nova, and you know Stella too and we haven’t experienced it yet and I don’t know how to handle it or approach it when the time comes.”

clearly, the cast of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Learned a lot this week – and hopefully the same can be said of the show’s viewers.