Literary Agent, Figure In Bill Clinton Impeachment Was 87 – Deadline

Lucien Goldberga literary agent who advised his friend linda trippo To secretly tape conversations with White House interns Monica Lewinsky, has died at his home at the age of 87. His son, political commentator and author Jonah Goldberg, gave no cause of death.

Lucien Goldberg was a conservative activist whose agency specialized in right-wing books. Tripp took her advice and tapped Lewinsky talking about her sexual relationship with the president. bill clinton, Tripp’s 20-hour conversation was used by Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr’s investigation, which eventually saw Clinton impeached by the House of Representatives and acquitted in a Senate trial.

Goldberg met Tripp while he was working on a book proposal on the death of Vince Foster, a Clinton aide whose apparent death by suicide raised many questions. Goldberg encourages Tripp to break Lewinsky’s trust and give the tapes to Starr. Goldberg later said he was glad Clinton was “caught in something.”

Goldberg’s literary agency promoted books that others would have discarded. The New York Times described him as “an agent with a taste for the right-wing tell all assault books”. An article published among the results of the Lewinsky tape.

Goldberg also wrote novels and worked as a ghostwriter for celebrities.

Emmy Winner Margo Martindale Starred as Lucien Goldberg in Impeachment: American Crime Story, The third season of FX’s award-winning limited series franchise focused on the sex scandal that rocked Clinton’s presidency.

His survivors include Jonah Goldberg. Another son, Joshua Goldberg, died in 2011.