Leah Remini Tweetstorm Vexes Defense; Jane Doe #2 Details 2003 Alleged Assault By “Predator” Actor – Deadline

dark for the last two days Danny MastersonRape trial resumes Wednesday with testimony from Jane Doe #2 about ex That ’70s Show In 2003, the star allegedly attacked her. However, the last of the trio of women at the center of the case had their time on the stand today, with defense accusing the former Scientologist and king of queens Star leah remini Possibly denying your client a “fair trial”.

“As of November 1, yesterday, Leah Remini has tweeted points 36 about this trial,” attorney Karen Goldstein told Judge Charlene Olmedo this morning as the jury was brought to a downtown L.A. courtroom. “She has commented on defense strategy,” defense counsel continued this morning as a transcript from Underground Bunker’s Tony Ortega notes. ” she remarked ScientologyUsing the term, Goldstein said, the defense has fought tooth and nail to stay out of criminal proceedings as much as possible.

“She was at one time a victim lawyer in this case. She was interviewing Jane Doe #1 in 2017. She has met (LAPD) Detective Vargas several times. The tweets emphasize points made several times… It makes it very difficult for Masterson to have a fair trial,” Goldstein said in court, asking for his distress on record over Remini’s social media activity, which the judge approved.

Now, there’s no doubt that winning an Emmy Scientology and beyond The host has something to say about his former faith. Ron Hubbard in 2013 and now ousted from the church run by David Miskiewicz, Remini has been a constant advocate for further investigation into the inner workings of Scientology, the alleged abuse and harsh conditions under which members exist. is forced to.

remini tweetstorm yesterday Put Masterson’s lawsuit in the strictest terms, which is probably why Scientologist’s lawyers today were swooning over them all. “It’s Not Just About One Hollywood Celebrity,” Remini’s 36th tweeted a source. “It’s about what a multi-billion dollar cult does to cover up horrific sex crimes.”

An earlier tweet was directed directly at Masterson’s lawyers.

“One reason I want everyone to pay attention to this trial is because Danny’s defense attorney, Philip Cohen, is doing everything he can to strip Scientology’s involvement from this trial,” she wrote. “Scientology policies and the actions of Scientology’s top officials must mean that Scientology must be a co-defendant in this trial. Much of what has happened in this case is largely due to Scientology’s criminal policies.”

While Scientology is not a defendant in this criminal trial in the same way that they are co-defendants with Masterson in the currently stalled civil trial, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office certainly reiterated the role of the jury before going to lengths. Point made. Church officials in the late 1990s and early 200s played with the alleged victims, all Scientologists, at the time of their respective attacks.

Since the testimony began on October 18, Judge Olmedo has consistently stated that “Scientology is not on trial”. However, a Los Angeles Superior Court official has allowed testimony by Jane Do on experiences with the church, so far as it is consistent with her “state of mind” on the matter. At the same time, as Remini tweeted, Cohen and Goldstein have worked tirelessly to limit any testimony on Scientology to the bare minimum.

First Arrested by LAPD in 2020 And since freed only on bail of just over $3 million, Masterson is facing a maximum sentence of 45 years in prison in a California state prison if convicted. actor, who later was fired from netflix comedy the ranch As the claims became known in late 2017 and is also a co-defendant with Scientology in the currently stalled civil case, he has always denied that he had non-consensual sex with the alleged victims or anyone else .

In a full and fairly fast day of testimony from Jane Doe #2, Scientology definitely turned out to be the former church member described to deputy DA Reinhold Müller. According to Initial NT, Jane Doe #2 portrayed the fear she would feel if she went to the police over the alleged rape at Masterson’s Hollywood Hills home 19 years earlier. Jane Doe #2/NT told Mueller, “My understanding is that I will be ostracized, all my community, all my friends, any family will be lost, that I will be expelled and declared an oppressed person. will be done and seen as evil.” The jury revealed that she was attacked several months earlier by another member of the church.

In that instance, the NT said that the Scientology officer who spoke about rape “strongly disagreed and the pastor showed me the policy, making it clear to me from what I read that I had to be a member of another member.” Wasn’t allowed to think about it or to report it to law enforcement.”

In reference to Masterson, Jane Doe #2 on the TODAY stand said in 2003 that the actor “was like a stalker, and as an adult woman, you have these differences between someone who has an affinity for you and someone who targets you.” That’s a lot of time to look at. A piece of meat.” Recalling the alleged rape when she was in her early twenties, NT said that when Masterson gave her a glass of wine, she felt “numb.” The actor basically ignored her pleas not to have sex as he moved her from his jacuzzi to the upstairs shower in the bedroom. According to the NT, Masterson “fasted me to bed.” laid me down, and he started beating me from behind.”

“He was raping me,” continued the witness. “I was shocked, and I was like, ‘Oh my god, what are you doing? I told you not to do that,'” Jane Doe #2 from the courtroom said. Told.

While many elements of her testimony were similar to those of Jane Doe #1/Jane B and Jane Doe #3/CB, Jane Doe #2/NT’s time on the stand was very different from that of her predecessors. Jane B testified for about four days and CB testified for three days straight. Perhaps a sign of those annoying signs, NT was questioned by prosecutors, cross-examined by defense and with more in just a day.

During the closing minutes of that testimony, under a redirect from Deputy D.A. Mueller, Jane Doe #2 admitted that in 2017 she told the LAPD that she had several conversations with the other two, Jane Doe. “We were all really scared,” she said.

Expected to end around November 19th, testing will continue tomorrow.