Lauren Comeau Gets Roasted For Taking Javi Marroquin Back: You Deserve to Get Cheated on Again!

Apparently, Javi Marroquin isn’t the worst baby daddy in Teen Mom history.

That title would have to go to one of the big guys or sophomores like David Easton or Adam Lind.

But Xavi himself was not an ideal partner, as evidenced by the time Cheated on Lauren Comeau While she was pregnant and sleeping under the same roof.

Amazingly, it appears that Lauren has forgiven Javi for his indiscretions, and the two of them are reportedly giving their relationship another chance.

Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau are back together. And Lauren is being brutally roasted for the decision. (photo via Instagram)

Lauren seemed to confirm the reconciliation rumors this week with the photo above, in which she poses with Javi, their sons Eli and Lincoln, Javi’s son Lincoln by Kailyn Lowry.

“These birthday brothers have the best bond ever. Happy early birthday kings!” Komu captioned the picture.

Some who commented on the photo did so to wish Lincoln and Allie a happy birthday — but many commenters criticized Lauren for taking Javi back.

hugs for lauren
It’s very cute! Javi Marroquin giving a big hug to baby mama Lauren Comeau. (photo via Instagram)

“Lauren, why? I will not party with my ex!!” wrote one person. According to UK tabloid The Sun.

“Sad. Lauren always allowed her to crawl back in,” said another.

“He’s going to break her heart again,” said the third.

A fourth said, “The only reason not to agree with it is that it is never consistent.”

Javi Marquin: Engaged to Laurence Comeau!?
Javi and Lauren are seen together once again. (photo via Instagram)

Others speak of concern-criticism, where they pretend to be looking out for the welfare of all rather than throwing shade.

One such comment read, “Inconsistency is not good for kids.”

Another follower of Lauren wrote, “Some people have to learn the hard way a while before they finally learn that their significant other will never change or stop hurting them.”

a kiss for komu
kiss! Javi Marroquin plants a big smooch on baby mama Lauren Comeau’s lips in this romantic pic. (photo via Instagram)

Kailyn was the first to reveal this Javi and Lauren are back togetherBut the couple hasn’t made an official announcement yet.

Because of that, some fans doubt that they are actually back.

“Lauren and JV are definitely not together, nor is she pregnant. Lauren and I have mutual friends,” wrote one commenter this week.

Laurence Comeau: pregnant with Javi Marroquin's child !!! [New Details]
Lauren and Javi seem to have reconciled. (photo via Instagram)

“Yes, together. But pregnancy I doubt,” Lori shot back.

It’s hard to say for certain who is in the right here, but our money is on Cal.

The closest we have to a confirmation is an Instagram story in which Javi complained about Cal sharing details of his personal life.

Comeau and Maroquin
Lauren Comeau shared this photo of herself and Javi Marroquin shortly before giving birth to their baby boy, Eli. (photo via Instagram)

“Learning to leave people alone and move on with your life is an essential skill. You must master it,” Marroquin wrote.

Not the most direct statement, but Javi probably wouldn’t care as much about Lowry’s comments if they were wrong.

And the fact that he and Lauren refuse to talk about their relationship in public?

Well, this could be one case where their silence speaks volumes!