Kody Brown: I Blame Janelle for Our Kids Hating Me!

Cody Brown often has trouble taking responsibility for, well… anything.

Self-centered polygamists, for example, Ex-wife doesn’t want to see Christine Brown Never again because he blames her solely for blowing up his family.

Meanwhile, on this Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, Cody will take his anger out on Jenelle.

He will point fingers at the mother of six for her broken relationship with her sons Gabriel and Garrison.

In a clip posted by Entertainment Tonight, Cody says these kids should apologize For comments he made about his wife Robin and their strict COVID restrictions.

Meanwhile, Janelle stands up for herself.

she tells her awful husband that the boys have No It intended to do so, prompting an angry response from Cody in the wake of last year’s holiday season.

In the new clip, Cody says, “I feel like sometimes Janelle turns me against the boys or has never supported me with the boys.” “Man, I’m having the hardest time not feeling like she’s cheating on me.”

Janelle Brown is featured in this scene from the Season 17 episode of Sister Wives.

Things take a turn for the worse for Cody when Janelle says she has invited Christine and her kids to move in with everyone else at the rental house.

“That’s exactly what I feared Christine would do,” Cody replies, clearly disappointed.

Cody eventually looks to his other sister wives, Mary and Robin, for back-up, asking if he is the only one who sees Janelle’s actions as a Betrayal,

“So now he’s looking for reinforcements from Robin and Meri. ‘Let’s form a united front against Janelle and her decisions!’

Meanwhile, last Sunday, Gabriel burst into tears,

The 21-year-old explains to the camera how his father called him in October 2021 to ask him about his experience with COVID… only he called Gabriel on his birthday.

And never really wished your child a happy birthday.

“That was the last time I spoke to my father,” Gabriel told the camera through tears.

Back to the Sister Wives Season 16 Finale, Cody Admits He Doesn’t Talk some of his children.

Thankfully, at the time, he didn’t blame Janelle for the fractured relationship.

,[We’re] Not good. Not talking,” the 53-year-old reality TV star said again. This is one of those relationships where we have to do a lot of work. We need treatment. I need to sit down with my boys and get something straight.

Doesn’t seem like it happened, does it?