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Kirk Cameron shares message of faith in new film about the ‘beauty of adoption,’ talks ‘Growing Pains’ reboot

Kirk Cameron’s new movie is going to be a hit for a number of reasons.

“Lifemark” is based on the true story of David Scott, whose teenage mother considered abortion before planning adoption for her unborn son. After growing up with the Colton family, David gets a chance to reconnect with his biological mother and meet face-to-face.

Cameron rose to fame as the star of “Growing Pains,” He is the adoptive father of four children, and has two biological children with his wife, Chelsea Noble, who were also adopted by their parents.

Cameron told Fox News Digital, “There are so many themes in this movie that resonate with me as someone who loves my family.” “This is a movie that couldn’t be more beautifully and perfectly timed as here we are all amazed that something so big happened in our lifetime, Roe v. Wade,

“And while the country is hotly debating this whole issue, here comes a film in theaters that celebrates the value of life in the womb and the beauty of adoption.”

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kirk cameron stars "lifemark," A film based on the true story of adoption. "growing pains" The star has six children, four of whom were adopted.

Kirk Cameron stars in “Lifemark,” a film based on a true story about adoption. The “Growing Pains” star has six children, four of whom were adopted.
(Getty Images/Lifemark)

He said, “Choosing to adopt, I think, is such a sweet, beautiful place, and I’ve experienced the consequences of that choice myself. As I said, along with our four children, my wife is adopted. , and if my wife doesn’t have an adoption, we won’t have two natural-born children either.”

Cameron mentioned Supreme Court’s June decision To eliminate the decades-old constitutional right to abortion, and to give individual states the power to allow, limit, or ban the practice altogether.

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Kirk and Chelsea adopted Jack, Isabella, Anna, and Luke before Olivia and James did. Cameron recalled the time one of his daughters, Bella, not only got a chance to connect with her biological parents, but also recently got to meet them in person.

“…to meet my wife, a woman of character and faith, as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside in Hollywood, California? That’s a rare thing.”

Kirk Cameron

“Her biological mother was pregnant, scared, scared and didn’t know what to do, she was told she really needed to have an abortion,” he said. “She went to the clinic, but had a tire blowout on the way, missed the appointment, rescheduled. The second time, a friend drove her down, and they had car trouble, and she wasn’t able to make it. The third time, when She didn’t have money to pay when she went, so she was seeking some government assistance.

“The fourth time, he saw a cockroach crawling on the floor and on his leg and thought, ‘You know what, maybe this is some kind of sign that I should reconsider.’ She did, and she put Bella up for adoption. We adopted Bella. She is our beautiful, precious daughter, who is now an American Airlines flight attendant.

Kirk Cameron helps his adopted son on his journey to reconnect with his biological mother "Lifemark."

Kirk helps Cameron on his adopted son’s journey to reconnect with his biological mother in “Lifemark”.
(Lifemark Film)

cameron said "lifemark" Is "such a heart wrenching movie" Complete "Action and Comedy."

Cameron said “Lifemark” is a “heartwarming” film packed with “action and comedy.”
(Lifemark Film)

Cameron proudly said that her daughter “sings” and is a “beautiful person.” He added, “He got a chance to hear the whole story when he spent Mother’s Day weekend with his biological mother. Just this last Mother’s Day, Chelsea gave him her blessing on the whole thing.”

“It’s kind of full circle, and the pieces of the puzzle come together to make this beautiful picture of God’s love and his providence. And he makes all things work together for good, for those who love him.” Huh.”

he believes ,Children are gifts and treasures from heaven.”

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,Cameron said, “I can think of nothing more incredible than the thought that God somehow made arrangements for a mother who was scared and scared, to have confidence that a good home could be found for her child.” ” “And when we were to adopt a child, it would all come together to form our family and then be reunited with her. kind of brings families together. And I’m so grateful for the women who make the lovely choice of adoption.”

"growing pains" It began airing in 1985 and ended in 1992 after its seventh season.

“Growing Pains” began airing in 1985 and ended in 1992 after its seventh season.
(ABC photo archives)

Cameron described “Lifemark” as a family film with multiple storylines to make the film relatable to everyone.

“Life and love and family and forgiveness and reconciliation and new beginnings are all very prominent in ‘Lifemark,’ and it’s a perfect movie for people to watch over Thanksgiving weekend.”

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With such a large family, getting together for the holidays isn’t as easy as it used to be, but is still a big priority for Cameron.

“Some of our kids are getting married, so the Thanksgiving table is full of people and hopefully there will be lots of food and lots of fun,” he said. “We’re probably going to visit some of our kids … None of our kids live in California anymore, but I have kids in Tennessee and Texas and Montana and Wyoming and Colorado and Massachusetts. They’re all over the place. We Trying to figure out where to meet.”

Kirk Cameron and wife actress Chelsea Noble have been married for 32 years.

Kirk Cameron and wife actress Chelsea Noble have been married for 32 years.
(Rick Diamond)

However, he knows for sure that his wife Chelsea will be with him. The pair first met when she was working on “Full House” with her sister, Candace Cameron Bure, who recently addressed the backlash over his Comment about “traditional marriage”.

At the time, he was starring as Mike Seaver on “Growing Pains”. Chelsea later joined their family sitcom, and they celebrated 32 years of marital bliss over the summer, a rare feat by the standard of any relationship, let alone Hollywood.

When Cameron was asked to share the secret to a successful marriage, she said, “You marry an angel, just like I did.”

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He clarified, “Really we are all flawed, and we’re works in progress. I can tell you that at the end of the day. I’m so grateful, and I realize it’s hard to lose what I have.” I’d be a fool.” In my wife, who loves our children, who is committed to me and wants to do what is good and what is best. She loves God, and after all when I am not a husband it should inspire her gratitude and forgiveness.

“We still love being with each other, and now that the kids are out of the house…it’s great. I got my girlfriend back after 25 years. I hope we’ll be able to do something.” Lots of travel.

Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble play a young couple in love "Growing pains" I went on a date "teach me" episode that aired in 1989.

Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble play a young couple in love in “Growing Pains”. They went on to date in the episode “Teach Me” that aired in 1989.
(ABC photo archives)

Leonardo DiCaprio, Alan Thicke and Jeremy Miller, with Kirk Cameron, seated, center, and Joanna Kerns, seated, center, and Tracy Gould, seated on the floor with Ashley Johnson "Growing pains"

Leonardo DiCaprio, Alan Thicke and Jeremy Miller, with Kirk Cameron, seated center left, and Joanna Cairns, seated center right, and Tracey Gold, seated on the floor with Ashley Johnson of “Growing Pains.”
(Bob D’Amico/ABC via AP)

While “Lifemark” begins streaming on November 22, and Kirk continues to serve as founders of Camp Firefly with his wife, all-expenses-paid reimbursements for sick children and their families, Cameron The idea of ​​returning to its multi-camera roots from the 90s.

“Am I in ‘Growing Pains’ reboot? I think so. I want to be, of course,” he said. “Growing Pains” began airing in 1985 and ended in 1992 after its seventh season. The show starred Alan Thicke, Jeremy Miller, Joanna Kerns, Tracy Gould and Leonardo DiCaprio. starred. We have to pull together the right team.”

“I met Chelsea on ‘Growing Pains,’ and so that’s where my mind goes. She was Mike Seaver’s girlfriend on the show, so I want to tell people that I stole Mike’s girlfriend and I married her. That should be the thing I’m most grateful for in ‘Growing Pains’.

“Of course, it launched a career … but to meet my wife, a woman of character and faith, Beautiful on the inside, just as she is on the outside In Hollywood, California? This is a rare thing. Not exactly where you’d think you’d go to meet people of faith and character, but again, I guess God organizes these things.”

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