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Kevin Richardson Reveals the Secret to Backstreet Boys’ Longevity

In addition to producing so many chart-topping hits and having a loyal fanbase, Kevin praises the group for taking care of their craft.

The musician shared, “The five of us, we didn’t get here by chance, we didn’t get here by luck. We worked really hard.” “We care about what we do and we put a lot of time, thought, effort, heart and soul into what we do.”

It’s a mindset that goes beyond his music, as Kevin explains why he decided to partner with Meundij. larger than life holiday collection.

“Before we agreed to anything, we needed a sample and we needed to do our homework, research the company, and figure out what they’re about,” Kevin said. “And they’re all about comfort, self-expression and they’re environmentally responsible. To me, that’s a big deal.”

The line, which includes a variety of underwear, pajamas, loungewear and pet accessories, is just one more sign pointing to their success. Plus, it helps that the Backstreet Boys know a thing or two about fashion.