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Keke Palmer Shares What Type of Mom She Wants to Be One Day

If Keke Palmer One day she’ll have a proud family of her own, knowing who to turn to for advice.

The actress exclusively told E! News how his relationship with his mother Sharon Palmer—Who Has Hands On KK’s New Podcast baby, it’s keke palmer—he influenced the dynamic she wants to have with her future children one day.

As Keke explained, she’s learned that parenthood is “about being able to talk to my kids and being able to inspire and encourage them.”

“And also, just arm them with the things they need to be even better than I imagined,” she said. “I want them to have more than what I have, and I want them to know more than I do.”

Keke continued by saying that, when the time comes, she wants to “create a space for us to interact, for them to talk to me, for them to feel that I am there and that I am them. Accept, but still provide them as much as you can—and to keep them on the ground as well.”