Katrina Kaif Led Film Sees Growth On Tuesday, Crosses 10 Crores

Box Office - Phone Bhoot sees growth on Tuesday, crosses 100 million milestone
Phone Bhoot Box Office Day 5: The Katrina Kaif-led film saw development on Tuesday (Photo Credits – Phone Bhoot Poster)

phone ghost had another day 1 crore Coming to the box office, and this time things were even better as the collections were growing almost 15%, This is the minimum expectation from the film so that it can at least pass through its first week with reasonable numbers. The film did a collection on Monday 1.34 crore And on Tuesday the collection increased 1.52 crore,

Phone Bhoot was also helped to some extent by the partial holiday of Guru Nanak Jayanti holiday, which ensured that there was an increase in footfall. However, from Friday to Monday, the decline was also close. 35%, it was expected that the collection would remain stable. if it was a 50% Or if it had fallen more, the situation would have been fine on Tuesday but from Wednesday the drops would have become bigger. it won’t happen with Katrina KaifIshaan, and Sidharth Chaturvedi starrer now after the fall on Monday has also offset the rise on Tuesday.

So far, the phone ghost has collected 10.71 crore, And ideally, these should have been weekend numbers because that would have given it a solid foundation. However, it is now about the maximum distance that Thin layer can cover and get maximum benefit in their lifetime. Has the features and it’s all about the fast dispensing mouth so that droplets are minimal and can comfortably pass a lifetime 200 million scar.

All collection according to production and distribution sources.

Note: Box office numbers are based on estimates and various sources. The number has not been independently verified by Koimoi.

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