Kate Winslet Recalls Her Agent Being Asked About Her Weight When She Was Younger – Deadline

Kate Winslet is opening up about making headlines and the pressure she had to look a certain way. With Winslet’s daughter being infamous for her acting work, the Titanic The alum talks about how tough it is now.

“When I was younger, my agent used to get calls saying, ‘How does she weigh?'” she said. Sunday Times in an interview.

However, at 47, Winslet says she “cares about being that actor who moves her face and has a body that swings” and feels that things have changed in the industry.

Winslet’s daughter Mia Threapleton is 22 and with social media present in everyone’s daily life, it represents a new difficulty for celebrities as they have to be more careful.

“Flipping was hard enough news of the world at my door, but that doesn’t even cut it anymore,” she said. That phrase about “today’s news being tomorrow’s fish and chip paper doesn’t exist. What did you do when you were drunk or stupid? It may come back to haunt you.” Cautionary tale for young actors The need to live is another matter. It must be exceptionally difficult.

Winslet stars with her daughter i’m ruth where they play mother and daughter with issues of self-identity at the center of the story.