Karine Martins’ Boyfriend Josh Seiter Wants to Help Her Regain Custody

As we reported earlier this month, Karina Martins is dating Josh Sitter for some reason.

passion never appeared 90 day fiancé, but he dated alum Yolanda Leakes after his time on the show. he’s got the boot too The Bachelorette Season 11 almost immediately.

yes that seem Like someone desperate for fame and grabs the weakest low hanging fruit to get it. But a shocking report claims that this is not the case.

Reportedly, Josh really likes Karine — and feels eager to help her. get back custody of your children,

An insider, possibly the same one as spoke to him earlier this month, opened for weekly in contact,

The insider claimed that Josh Sitter “wants to help her” through this ugly and painful custody battle.

That said, it looks like Karine Martins is playing things closer to the chest than it is at the beginning of the relationship.

90 Days Fiancé alum Karine Martins holds her young son, Ethan Stehle, whose milestones are missed during this ongoing custody situation. (image credit: Instagram)

“She has not confessed about the custody in Josh,” the source revealed.

At least, the insider detailed, “besides expressing how much she loves and misses her children.”

Despite such limited information, the source shared, “It’s painful for Josh to see him go through this.”

We previously heard about how Josh and Karine have reportedly bonded over various forms of loss in their lives.

“After losing his father,” the insider commented.

The source added that “he can’t imagine what it would be like to lose two kids.”

“But though Karine is suffering,” the insider quickly reminded readers.

The source then confirmed that “she is doing what she needs to.”

“And,” said the insider, Karine still “sees the kids weekly.”

90 Days Fiancé alum Karine Martins got to spend quality time with the sons of Pierre Stehle and Ethan Stehle during a permitted visit. (image credit: Instagram)

As we’ve reported at length this year, Karine and Paul both lost custody of 3-year-old Pierre and 20-month-old Ethan.

Karine lost custody at the end of 2021, seemingly after Paul “leaked” home security footage of Karine abusing her.

Paul has offered competing explanations as to why he lost custody this spring, accusing Karine of trying to kill him and allowing Karine to see the boys unprotected.

Paul Stiehle announces cameo with Karine Martins

At first, Paul and Karine clearly seemed opposites.

Kareena did not say much on social media. He worked diligently to meet the requirements to see his sons.

Meanwhile, Paul does what he always does – say many things, some strange and contradictory. It has long been difficult to understand some of Paul’s choices.

However, recently, Paul has changed his tune when it comes to Karine.

He has expressed his desire to gain custody not only for himself, but also for him.

Paul has vociferously attacked the Family Court judge presiding over the case, criticized the CPS, and more. We’re not sure if this is an effective strategy, but it’s clear what his intentions are. for now.