Josh McKee: My New Girlfriend Looks Just Like Mackenzie!

during his Divorce from husband Joshothe former teen Mom Star Mackenzie Mackie is surprisingly candid about her feelings.

So fans are somewhat surprised by McKenzie’s silence amid the news that Josh has unofficially introduced his new girlfriend to the world.

Yep, looks like Josh has already moved on, and this news probably came as a surprise to Mackenzie.

Eventually, the mother of three months announced that she and Josh were going separate ways.

Mackenzie Mackie: Selfie With Kids!
Mackenzie Mackie takes a selfie here with her cheating husband and kids. Sweet family photo. (photo via Instagram)

(This time for good! Josh and Mackenzie have parted ways in the past.)

In addition to dealing with the fact that her ex has already found someone new, Mackenzie has to deal with the awkwardness of the fact that the internet is paying attention to the appearance of Josh’s new girlfriend.

Yes, teen Mom Fans can’t get over the fact that Josh’s new boo — identified only as Hailey — is very similar to Mackenzie.

Mackenzie Mackie’s ex-husband has a new girlfriend. And fans think he looks exactly like Mackenzie! (photo via Instagram)


On Wednesday, Hailey posted the photo above, along with the caption, “Happy, finally.”

She added a red heart emoji, in case there was any doubt about the nature of her and Josh’s relationship.

according to a new report from UK tabloids SunThe picture quickly made the rounds on Instagram after it was taken by teen Mom fan Page.

Mackenzie Mackie and husband Josho
Mackenzie Mackie is here with passion. Recently both got separated. (photo via Instagram)

“#JoshMcKee new girlfriend, Hailey. Josh and Hailey collectively have a total of 5 kids when the whole crew gets together because she has 2 beautiful daughters of her own,” wrote the administrator.

That’s when fans got the idea that Hailey looked like Mackenzie.

“He has a type,” commented one person.

Mackenzie Mackie Dancing
Josh and Mackenzie in happy times. (photo via Instagram)

“Josh definitely has a type lol,” echoes another.

“He [looks] Mackenzie like SMH,” a third shouted.

you get the idea.

Fans were really blown away by the resemblance between Mackenzie and Hailey — which is weird, because it’s not like they’re identical twins.


Mackenzie Mackie: Can Josh Save Their Marriage?
Mackenzie during his time on MTV. (photo via MTV)

Sure, they’re both skinny and blonde, but — eh, trying to reason with Instagram commenters is like raising cats.

Anyway, apart from those who believe that Mackenzie and Hailey are twins, there were some who were shocked by the fact that Josh has already moved on.


“The color surprised me that he’s already moved on,” observed one such commenter.

Mackenzie Mackie takes a reunion selfie
Mackenzie worked hard to make their marriage last – but it didn’t have to be. (photo via Instagram)

Yeah, seeing that she had a wandering eye during marriage, it’s no huge surprise that Josh was quick to move on.

Mackenzie probably isn’t shocked in a similar way, but until she speaks out on the matter, we won’t know how she feels.

Hopefully, she’s preparing to roast her ex with some kind of sharp takedown!