John Mayer & Kiernan Shipka Are Trying Really Hard To Make It Look Like They’re Not Dating

Look, we’re not saying John Mayer And Kiernan Shipka Huh dating. But even if they’re not, they’re still going to go the extra mile to try and make sure it doesn’t look like it—when it actually looks like it.

The couple was spotted once again on Sunday, this time getting a fancy dinner giorgio baldic in Santa Monica. Even if you’re not from here, you can probably tell from the name, it’s a very upscale, very Romantic restaurant. ok, so with that in mind… the pair was there four hours, A four-hour dinner that ended around midnight. according to eyewitnesses DailyMail.comAt one point he even sang them chilling adventures of sabrina Star. no word on whether it was your body is A Wonderland,

There are pictures and videos of their departure, but the most interesting thing is How they left. They were seen leaving in separate cars, but onlookers said the vehicles went just around the corner, and – once out of sight of the paparazzi – pulled over, Kiernan got out and drove John in his Chevy suburban limo. He was eventually released before joining. place. seems pretty obvious they were on a date – that they were trying too hard to appear No A Date. Why would they hide it? Well maybe because No such thing the singer is 45 years old, and crazy man Alum is just 22. Yes… keep that difference in mind.

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This is by far the best proof that two celebs are one item. But not the first. In July 2021, Kiernan was seen at John’s album listening party. Then last November – when Kiernan was still 21, remember – he was the obvious subject of a dexmoi blind thing that claimed blackcoat’s daughter The star “has been seen with this A-list musician on several occasions at a very popular L.A. hotel bar.”

Then back on February 10th (around Valentine’s Day) they were photographed together Sunset Tower Hotel’s Tower Bar, sharing a hug at one point. Witnesses said they were there for four hours. No one followed their cars at the time – but you can see why anyone even thought of doing it this latest time.

look, we don’t know For some What’s up, we just know where the smoke is, there’s fire – and where you see two people trying their best to cover up the smoke, they may have started a fire. Maybe they’re really just friends who chat late night one-on-one at the hottest bars and restaurants.

Kiernan has been romantically linked Christian Coppola for the past few years. But his last social media post featuring the filmmaker was over three months ago. Hmm.

We can’t blame them for hiding the relationship, if it’s real. Not only is the fact that she’s more than twice his age suspicious enough to begin with, it’s also the fact that John has recently been criticized too harshly for his relationship with her. Taylor Swift, She sang about it – Fans are pretty sure, at least – on her new song wooshould have, could have, should have, Taylor was 19 when they dated, and he was 32 – prompting his fans to accuse him of “grooming”. That would certainly only fuel that fire, wouldn’t it?

BTW, in case you were wondering, how old was Kiernan Shipka when John Mayer was dating Taylor Swift:

Kiernan Shipka in Season 3 of Mad Men
Kiernan Shipka in the Season 3 finale of Mad Men, which aired in November 2009. / (c) AMC/Prime Video

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