Jimmy Kimmel Jokes About Trump’s Relationship With “Stormy DeSantis” – Deadline

jimmy kimley The president kept coming for Donald Trump in his first live show in four years.

Comedian hosting his live version Jimmy Kimmel Live! The show on ABC – the first since the last midterm election in 2018.

As Democrats and Republicans fight it out for control of the House, Senate and several key regimes, Kimmel went straight to Trump, who recently said that if the GOP did well, all credit should be given to him, but If they don’t, he won’t take any blame.

“Trump’s budding nemesis Governor Ron DeSantis wins his race in Florida tonight in 2024. That’s how much Trump cares about his party. He’s going to see DeSantis running against him for the presidency the night before an important election.” Uncle Scam says if he runs away ‘I’ll tell you things about him, it won’t be too flattering. I know more about him than probably anyone other than his wife, who’s really his’ running the campaign.

“My god, did Donald Trump have sex with Stormy DeSantis,” he joked about the Florida governor, who comfortably won his race this evening.

Kimmel also took aim at those who stormed the Capitol last year. “Republicans were looking forward to a big night hoping to win control of the House. You know, the last time Republicans took over the House, they were hitting the police with flags and defecating in it, “They said.

He joked that his packed studio audience was “made entirely of Herschel Walker’s children”.

The ABC audience also included a man named Dick Bigger Jr., a North Carolina farmer who was backing Susanna A. Mendoza, and whose name caused one of Kimmel’s producers to lose access to his work email address, Which to send so many notes about it. Kimmel encouraged Bigger Jr. to run for president.