Jewish Teacher Resigns From Kanye West’s Donda Academy Following Antisemitic Remarks

As we are reporting, Kanye West Ultimately the hatred he is spreading is paying off. Power The rapper has come under fire recently for promoting white supremacist and anti-Semitic views — specifically Wearing a “White Lives Matter” shirt To Paris Fashion Week And Threatening to go “Jewish people on death cone 3” Feather Twitter,

Have multiple business partners broke up with the musiciansuch as adidas, CAAAnd balenciasBut the West has also lost a lot of personal support. It turns out that they have also lost an educational advisor. Donda Academy – His mysterious unaccredited Christian private school, for which he is reportedly charging $15k tuition.

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Tamar AndrewsA Jewish teacher who has worked with the school since July officially resigned earlier this month following his anti-Semitic tweets and subsequent comments. allison sumacPresident of Temple Isaiah of Los Angeles, broke the news Hollywood Reporter Revealed on Monday:

Andrews immediately resigned from Donda Academy following Dr. Ye West’s tweet. Her last day was October 11, 2022 because she felt she could no longer support the organization.

According to the institutions’ websites, Tamar Temple is the director of early childhood education at both Isaiah and American Jewish University, And it makes perfect sense why he resigned immediately—who would want to work for someone threatening “Death Con 3”? How bad and that was before this The fallout, in which supporters hung anti-Semitic signs off the Los Angeles freeway and horribly disgusted passengers in neighborhood mailboxes, were attacking all Jewish people with conspiracy theory nonsense.

This must be a blow to the school. We believe. we don’t really know Anything about it because it is believed to have been largely shut down by the NDA. what do we know? According to the Donda Academy website, they are currently accepting applications for the 2023-2024 school year and there are a total of 16 teaching positions available – which makes us wonder if more than one person left in the middle his problematic rant, We certainly wouldn’t want to work in a place whose owners are spreading such fanaticism…

This of course raises another question: if there are only teachers at school who are okay with what you’re spouting off… what are they teaching these kids??

Her teachers are leaving her job, her business partners are breaking their contracts, her coach has broken up with her, even Stores Pulling Her Goods Off Shelves – Even then no real apologies my self. What do you think, Perezius reader? Sound off in the comments below).

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