Jesse James BEGS After Pregnant Wife Bonnie Rotten Accuses Him Of Cheating!

It’s hard to feel sorry for a woman who is cheated on jessie james In the year of our Lord 2022. we mean, come on, you don’t have internet?? Still, if it’s true, it’s terrible. Because his new bride is also pregnant!

In case you hadn’t heard Outlaw Garage Star marries former porn actress Bonnie Rotten Back in late June. And it’s only been five months of their marriage that she’s already accusing him of cheating! Naturally, this isn’t exactly new territory for Jesse, who was accused of cheating on your exdrag racer alexis dejoriaWith 20+ women. kat von d He said he cheated with 19. and of course he probably is best known for the boy to marry Sandra Bullock – and then cheated on him. really, Five People we know of have accused him of fraud.

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But it’s especially inexcusable because Bonnie says she’s over two months pregnant to boot! in a series of instagram stories On Wednesday he wrote:

“I’m 10 weeks pregnant, I had to leave the house because we got into it the other night. He blocked me on everything. I look at his page. He’s following his ex and a bunch of girls. I Am his pregnant wife and choose to behave like this.This is not a man.

She captioned a photo of her ultrasound:

“Jesse is busy trying to fuck with other women while I’m pregnant.”

Bonnie Rotten accuses Jesse James of cheating on Instagram Stories
(c) Bonnie Rotten/Instagram Stories

He added:

“I am deeply hurt by what he has done to me. He didn’t say about anyone, but he really is a disgusting person.

Referring to his history of cheating, he concluded:

“Everyone can laugh at me, no matter what you say, make fun of me. Nothing could make me feel worse than the way I really feel right now.

Bonnie ended up agreeing that the haters are “okay” they “should have known better.”

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Pretty harmful stuff, isn’t it? Well, Jessie was pretty dismissive at first. he blasted daily mail To post her allegations, saying:

“Jizzzzzz my personal life case is interesting…Tried and convicted just like that…No smoking gun, no erotic text, no more women coming forward??? what rubbish??”

We mean… your wife’s accusation is enough, man. He is the one who put them on social media for all to see. well known Donald Trump Supporter Then calling it racist said…

“Where’s my “honorable privilege”? If this was an episode of Love & Hip Hop ATL I’d be in the club dabbing with Stevie J & Lil Scrappy right now and no one would say s**t…”

Why aren’t we shocked by the arrival of a man who associates with a literal Nazi?

However, it seems that in just one day, Jessie changed her tune. He went from defensive and cynical to heartbroken. He literally asked his wife to come back in a post on Friday, alongside photos of the wedding carousel and other romantic photos, writing:

“Baby I didn’t cheat on you I swear!!”

After that when they got into a fight, he apologized for abusing her, saying:

“I know it made you more mad, and did nothing to make the situation better. It was out of line and childish and immature. I’m sorry I did that.

for fraud? He continues to deny it, saying:

“Please know. I never thought about cheating on you. I never tried to cheat on you. I never had the urge to cheat on you. You’re the only one I want, forever. All the time We’ve been together. I never texted or sent inappropriate DM messages to anyone. Every chick that stalked back told me I love you and I can’t see them anymore. This I trust you Was trying to keep him safe and do things the right way. (“What does “the” man do)”

“What does a man do”? He really wants to be admired for not having relationships with other women! Wonderful. However, she admitted that she was right about talking to her exes. He continued:

“Even though I didn’t say/do anything inappropriate, I was wrong to follow and text an ex after you left on Monday night. I really thought we were done, and I was so mad And did so out of anger and malice. I know it hurt you and I’m sorry. I unfollowed him and will not contact again. (Keeping it 100, I’m actually following a different ex on IG follow, seems you forgot I told you about that)”

Don’t you love apologies that start with “even though I didn’t say/do anything inappropriate”?

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He then became downright sad, right there in front of everyone, writing:

“Alaina (her real name)… I love you so much. I love our life together. I know you’re pregnant and I know you’re going through a hard time right now. I want to share things with you.” I want to improve and do everything I can to make your life the best. I want to stay positive and make everything right with us. So please know that I have learned from my past mistakes and I I will do whatever it takes to make you happy and earn your love and trust.

He ended the message by saying:

“Please come home. I love you.”

What do you think, peregious relationship experts? will it work??

[Image via Bonnie Rotten/Instagram.]