Jenna Bush Hager Reveals She ‘Never’ Wears Underwear – Here’s Why!

jenna bush hager He is a professional when it comes to being a commando!

on Wednesday’s episode todayco-host of Bush Hager hoda kotb Spilled some piping hot tea. Don’t worry, the leak won’t stain the President’s feet george w bush‘s daughter – because she’s not wearing anything! Kotb shared his surprise with the audience when he learned this fun fact about his friend:

“I was a little surprised because Jenna and I know a lot about each other. Anyway, we had to change clothes before the show, and we were like, ‘Oh, we have to go back to the changing room.’ But then I noticed… Jenna never wears underwear!”

Interesting! but why? Luckily, the 40-year-old has answers. After the audience had calmed down from the initial shock, Jenna explained:

“I think it creates a more beautiful silhouette! I also think you don’t need to pack as much. It has so many benefits!”

Reflecting on what she was defending, the talk show host joked:

“I’m sure my mother could never have been more proud.”

Lolz!! hold on to your seat, laura,

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However, we do know who to be proud of! And she’s the show’s wardrobe supervisor—who are unanimously “Team Jenna,” according to Hoda, on the lack of undies:

,[The wardrobe supervisor] Says it really does make life a lot easier.

Even though it may save a little space in your suitcase (seriously, how much space can underwear take up?!) Kotb says it takes a lot of washing, “over and over again” — but he can’t help but think about Bush Hager’s fashion choices. I am not entirely sure.

Jenna, on the other hand, stood by her zero undies rule — she said she’s sharing her clothes:

,[Hoda] Said, ‘Do you wash your clothes?’ And I said ‘Yeah, I do.’ But it’s not like I’m sharing my jeans with you.

fair enough…

But this may not be completely true either. Apparently she has been known to “steal” fellow hosts Savannah GuthriePants “on occasion”. Uh, when she wears other people’s pants she wears her shorts – doesn’t she? And trying on clothes at the store?! We sure hope so… maybe that’s why Savannah and Hoda “Can’t Stand Each Other” after all!

Bush Hager asked her co-host if she could “borrow” her red suit, to which the 58-year-old replied:

“Yeah, you can adopt it anytime.”

But don’t worry! jenna is not planning to be cheeky In Hoda’s red pants, he quipped:

“I’ll wear underwear.”

Ha! Watch the hilarious clip (below):

What do you think, Peregius readers? Are you sure? Is it time we all started adopting the nonremarkable lifestyle? Sound off in the comments below).

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