Jana Kramer Slams Meghan King: DON’T Call My Cheating Ex-Husband Hot!!!!

In 2021, Jana Kramer and Mike Cousin finalize their divorce After an ugly split. And, frankly, a troubled marriage.

It’s hard to think about their time without them Mike’s Mass Fraud coming to mind. This defined their union.

He is in the past. But Jana’s feelings are very raw and very present.

In fact, it reached a point where a derogatory remark by RHOC Alum Meghan King had mass fuming. Why did he call Mike “hot” after all he did?

Jana Kramer: Mike's eventual betrayal left me with no choice but to divorce!

For many years, Jan Kramer made lemons into lemonade.

Lemon? Mike Cousin’s widespread fraud and alleged “sexual addiction”, a condition not recognized by the wider psychiatric community.

And lemonade? Well, Jana monetised their marital struggles. Interviews, a book, and more. However, ultimately, the conflict outweighed the benefits.

Jana Kramer and Mike Cousin enjoy time together
Jana Kramer and Mike Cousin are revamping their marriage over time after their latest marital “bump”.

But Jana still has His whine down podcast, And, this week, she talked about Meghan King.

“There was something he said in our DMs that really bothered me,” Jana admitted on October 31.

She portrayed Meghan as an “acquaintance” and not a friend.

Meghan King Edmonds selfie alert
Meghan King Edmonds took this selfie and shared it on her personal Instagram page.

But Jana was apparently giving her the message about staying “strong” amid the divorce.

As we know, Meghan was married to Cuffe Biden Owens.

I did not work, Later Two months,

Meghan King and Cuffe Owens
Real Housewives of Orange County alum Meghan King, formerly Meghan King Edmonds, poses with now-husband Cuffe Owens.

And yes, Meghan’s other ex-husband was Jim Edmonds.

The two split in 2019, and it was a lot more messed up than things off the cuff.

Meghan and Jim not only share children, but they also had a lot to say about each other.

Jim Edmonds and Meghna

Who do we bring to Meghan’s ancestors?

Because of her derogatory remarks, which is annoyed to go… Nine months later.

“At least your ex is hot,” Jana remembered Meghan as she wrote him.

Jana Kramer cries on Instagram
Jana Kramer shared this teary-eyed photo of herself on Instagram, claiming it was a candid photo of her post-marital fight.

“So I go, ‘I’m sorry this kind of upset me,'” Jana shared on her podcast.

She continued: “‘I would never say that your ex is hot, especially knowing how much he hurt you. Anyway, have a nice day.'”

Jana then explained: “It bothered me a lot, and we haven’t talked since then.”

Meghan King Edmonds Selfie
Meghan King Edmonds took this selfie and posted it on her Instagram page in November of 2019.

He is not Good luck with Sharknado 18 or whateverBut it is certainly a polite way of expressing hostility.

“First of all, what does this have to do with being hot?” Jana demanded.

“Because I, you’re never hot when a man disrespects a woman,” she declared. “done.”

Jana Kramer: My first husband tried to kill me!

“I’ve dated some very attractive men,” claimed Jana.

“The second you lie to me,” she declared, “you’re the ugliest person in a room to me.”

Jana continued: “Or cheat, you’re ugly to me.” By her standards, she was then married to a famously “ugly” man.

Jana Kramer and Mike Cousin, Four Years Later
Jan Kramer and Mike Cousin marked the four-year anniversary of the discovery of several of their cases.

“And I’d never be like, ‘At least he was hot,'” Jana insisted again.

He added: “Hotness has nothing to do with it.”

For the record, Jana said Meghan later apologized in her DMs.

Mike Cousin and Jana Kramer Looking Tense
Jan Kramer and Mike Cousin are more or less synonymous with Mike’s struggle with sexual compulsions.

But she was not in a mood to forgive. He ended up ghosting her.

“He’s like, ‘Sorry go, I was trying to lighten it. I thought he was a good looking guy when I saw him on your feed, I was trying to find a silver lining , ” He remembered.

Jana suggested: “I would have said, ‘At least you have beautiful kids.’ That’s the silver lining.”

Jan Kramer on the red carpet
Jana Kramer is pictured here on the red carpet of an event. She looks great.

Meghan joined Jana as a guest on the same podcast. There he tried to explain.

“I think I can see what you are saying, but in my opinion I was just trying to congratulate you,” Meghan argued.

“And,” she continued, “I was trying to shed light on this kind of situation.”

Meghan King Edmonds on the couch
Meghan King Edmonds sits here on the couch and talks to Andy Cohen for an episode of Watch What Happens Live.

“We both know it sucks. And so it’s like, well, we both have these little situations,” Meghan continued.

“But at least she’s hot,” she explained, “and I said that because I don’t know, I thought it was a compliment.”

Meghan added: “I thought it was a good thing to say.”

Jana Kramer and Mike Cousin Image
Jana Kramer and Mike Cousin have split after six years of marriage. The latter cheated one many times.

In a very honest moment, Meghan expressed that she felt Yana was “overreacting” or perhaps “feeling sensitive” at the time.

“And I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, and I apologize. That was never my intention,”

“But I certainly wasn’t shedding light on anything.”

Meghan King Edmonds on Instagram
Merry Christmas from Meghan King Edmonds! The reality star has shared this photo on Instagram.

Thank you Jana. But she reiterated that her kids, Jolie Rae and Jess Joseph, are the silver lining—not Mike’s hotness.

“To me, it’s like we have kids and I’m grateful that there was a silver lining to that relationship,” she said.

Jana concluded: “And I’m never going to have him as a father figure and I’m glad he’s a father… I have a silver lining.”