Jana Kramer Says Ex Mike Caussin Didn’t Perform Oral Sex On Her For Years!

we know go crme had good reason to leave mike cousinBut it gets worse and worse!

in his latest episode whine down On Monday’s podcast, Jan opened up about a very intimate lack of ex NFL player. Guess that revelation makes him go down Even more so in our estimation, at least when it comes to bedroom skills.

the topic came around oral sex, and one Tree Hill The alum gave uncensored deets, saying that her ex-husband didn’t give his head, at least for the first couple years of their relationship! she dropped:

“My ex-husband, third…he didn’t do it the first time we were back together, when he got out of rehab.”

The couple first started dating back in 2014, tying the knot the following year. The rehab she’s talking about was the time sex addiction treatment – After cheating on him multiple times with several women, basically starting soon after they got together. That was in September 2016, when they publicly announced their separation. He went inside for 60 days (!!!) and came out from the other side with a big apology. And Jana really took it back!

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So it was only after that that he decided to give lip service to the little guy in the boat? The country singer headed south in Dixie without her husband for the first two years of her marriage? very nice. As if Mass Fraud Wasn’t Enough, girl… this should have been a dealbreaker! You need to leave a man like you ASAP! Litti-splitting, so to speak!

Jana further argued that it was not entirely her fault. She said she’s only really done this with “maybe one or two people” – apparently imitating herself for the podcast by saying that she gets “really shy” when people do it. :

“‘No, no, no, let’s just have sex. Come over, come on.'”

She explained that she finds that act particularly “intimate.” Well, sure… but he’s your husband. If you’re not comfortable doing the most intimate things with him, that’s telling! It’s as if, somewhere deep down, she knew she didn’t deserve it! and if He The Aussie is not comfortable with kissing, well, just give it up like a bad habit! And find yourself a guy with some good habits, if you know what we mean!

Listen to the full episode of the podcast Here,

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