Inmate ESCAPES From Josh Duggar’s Prison, Sparks Terror Among Residents of Small Texas Town

When Josh Duggar Transferred to Seagoville Federal Correctional Institute Back in June, his victims and their families heaved a sigh of relief.

But the latest news from Seagoville has raised fears that even prison walls are not enough to protect society from its worst criminals.

according to a new report From in contactOne prisoner has escaped from Seagoville and is currently at large.

Josh Duggar is in jail, where he is. (photo via NBC)

The prisoner, identified as Salvador Gallegos, was serving a 160-month sentence for intent to distribute a controlled substance.

Gallegos, who stands about 5’7″ and weighs 160 pounds, attended on Halloween and hasn’t been seen since.

“The United States Marshals Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and other law enforcement agencies were notified. An internal investigation was launched,” reads a press release issued by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

One of Josh Duggar’s many mug shots. (Washington County Detention Center via AP)

“Anyone with information about this person should contact the United States Marshals Service at (214) 767 0836.”

Although Seagoville has a wide variety of violent offenders – the facility specializes in the rehabilitation of sex offenders – security at the facility is minimal.

The site is described by the Bureau of Prisons website as having “limited or no perimeter fencing”.

great enthusiasm
Josh Duggar is a truly awesome person. (photo via Instagram)

Additionally, prisoners are often taken off-site as part of the prison’s job exchange program, providing additional opportunities for escape.

“Many BOP institutions have a small, minimal security camp adjacent to the main facility,” the site reads.

“These camps, often referred to as satellite prison camps (SCPs), provide prisoner labor for the main institution and off-site work programs.”

photo of josh duggar
Josh Duggar is one of the worst human beings ever. (photo via Instagram)

Updates about Josh’s life behind bars have been few and far between, but it is believed that he is No Being kept in protective custody.

Despite his fame and the high-profile nature of his case, the 34-year-old is being treated like any other prisoner.

But the news of late has sparked concern among Josh’s critics, making it extremely unlikely that he himself will escape the feature.

Josh Duggar got the support of his wife during the trial. (photo via Getty)

Still, the idea that Josh might soon be a free man is enough to strike fear into the hearts of millions.

And sadly, the idea isn’t entirely impossible.

Josh recently filed an appeal for a second trial, and while the odds are against him, it’s possible that his sentence will be overturned.

a passion photo
Hopefully Josh Duggar stays close for a very long time. (photo via Instagram)

Duggar’s lawyers argued that he was Created by a family friend named Caleb Williams, who is also a convicted sex offender.

Again, it’s unlikely they’ll succeed—but even the slightest chance of Josh being freed soon is enough to cause anxiety among those who remember the horrific details of his crimes.

We will update further on this developing story as more information becomes available.