Imran Khan Fans After Yo Yo Honey Singh’s Followers Continue The Historic Trend Of Rocking Metro Roaring ‘Bewafa Bewafa’

Imran Khan fans follow Yo Yo Honey Singh's followers lead, turn Delhi Metro into a post concert event
Imran Khan’s fans are not unfaithful – heckles Delhi Metro after electrifying in-person concert (Photo Credits- Instagram)

Music is life and very few are fortunate enough to get the opportunity to hear an artist live. So when fans attend a concert, it’s an experience they’ll never forget. A few days after Yo Yo Honey Singh fans elaborated on this experience, we now come across a similar video of Imran Khan fans after his concert in the capital city, New Delhi.

Sometime back Imran had performed live in Delhi and the event was vibrant as ever. While the concert-goers had a blast at the venue, the vibes didn’t leave them there, they continued to sing and groove to the tunes of ‘Bewafa’ as they waited to board the metro in the capital.

In a now-viral video on social media, shared by Instagram page troll*curses, we see Imran Khan performing ‘Bewafa’ on stage as his fans shout along with him. While the text “Delhi Metro goes crazy Imran KhanWritten on it, one swipe takes viewers to a video of a crowd waiting for public transport.

The video begins with Imran’s fans having a blast at the concert and then watching him do the same at a metro station – sans the cast. Commenting on the video, one wrote, “Legends say they are still singing it today 😂” Another added, “Another level of hype.. 🔥👏 “A third joke”Infidel Also singing “Bewafa Nikli Hai Tu”😂😂 Watch the video here:

A while back the fans attended a yo yo Honey Singh The concert in Delhi and similar scenes were witnessed by netizens. After the event, the fans continued to sing and dance to Honey Singh’s songs as well as ‘Bewafa’ during the journey to the house.

Would you be as alive as these fans if you attended a concert of your favorite artist? Tell us in the comments.

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