‘Hollywood Hillbillies’ Reality Series Star ‘Mema,’ AKA Dolores Hughes, Dies At 76 – Deadline

Dolores Hughesa star of the 2014 reality show Hollywood Hillbillies Is known mamaHas died at 76.

Hughes died of heart failure on November 9 at a hospital in his hometown of Grayson, Georgia, manager David Weintraub told media outlet TMZ.

relzo The reality show followed YouTube stars Michael Kittrell and Mema as they moved from small town Georgia to Hollywood. They brought along Kittrell’s aunt, Dee Dee Peters, her lover Paul Conlan, and Kittrell’s uncle, John Cox.

Hollywood Hillbillies It ran for 23 episodes before being cancelled.

Although Kittrell was the star, Mema became the clan’s breakout attraction. Weintraub explained it Appeal to TMZ: “Mema is the greatest, most outspoken ‘tell-it-as-this-personality’ the world has ever seen on TV. I know she’ll still be engulfing us all from heaven.”

Survivors include her husband, Paul Conlan, daughter Dee Dee Peters, son John Cox and grandson Michael Coppercab Kittrell. No memorial plans have been announced