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Heidi Klum Reveals How She Moved Around and Used the Loo in Her Worm Outfit

Heidi Klum broke the internet when she came out wearing a Halloween costume that looked like a worm. And it had a lot of people wondering how she pulled it off or, more importantly, how she used the look! And, Heidi Klum knew it wouldn’t be easy getting out of her giant worm costume when she had to use the restroom. Heidi spoke to Page Six on the red carpet of the Halloween party, where she exclaimed, “It’s going to be hard!” Heidi Klum posts a hot NSFW BTS pic before she turns ‘worm’ for Halloween 2022.

When Page Six further asked her how she planned to use the look with this outfit, she said, “There’s a lot to get out of it… When I have to go, I have to take it off and put it on someone else.” Have to do it anyway.” Heidi told Page Six that she needed help walking, as the costume took more than 10 hours to finish, leaving her feeling “claustrophobic.”

“It’s hard for me to move. I don’t really have arms or legs,” he told reporters there, according to Page Six. She continued, “When I fall I need someone to help me get back up. I’m stuck in, you know? It feels a little claustrophobic.” Heidi later sheds her ghoulish outfit to reveal a shiny mesh dress that didn’t leave much to the imagination. Heidi Klum has her 21st Halloween costume party and slips up as a worm.

She had come to the party with her husband, Tom Kaulitz, who dressed up as a fisherman. Heidi Klum’s model daughter Lenny, Elon Musk and her mothers Mai, Ice-T and Coco, Kim Petras and Heather Graham were among other attendees at the spooky Halloween party.