Has James Corden Been Stealing Jokes From British Comedians For Years?!

Where there is smoke, there is fire… and sometimes where there is smoke, is there another kind of smoke? OK, the metaphor is breaking, but what we’re trying to say is… will jerks be jerks??

There’s been a lot of noise lately about whether James Corden Was rude to the server. NYC’s . after the owner of Balthazar Gave him a very public banA long back-and-forth happened, remembering a couple of bad incidents Apologies, Non-apologies, and Denials, During this completely unrelated stories were starting to come out – and we got a lot of hints from the people who worked on his show that he deserved one there too.

Well, this may all be just the tip of the iceberg… we expected more stories about diva behavior, but we didn’t even know she could be a joke thief!

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on Tuesday, Ricky Gervais exploded late late show Host after listening to one of your own standup bits during your monologue. Corden was talking Elon Musk taking over Twitter and joked:

“When you see Elon Musk talking about Twitter, he does this thing where he goes ‘It’s the town square.’ But it’s not, because if someone puts up a poster in the town square that says ‘guitar lessons are available’, you’re not going to tell people in town ‘I don’t want to play the guitar! I want to play the piano, you s* * Piece of T!’ But that sign was not for you, was for someone else, you don’t need to be mad about all this.”

It’s generally a funny takedown of Twitter, but we weren’t sure how much it had to do with what Musk is doing. As it turns out, probably because it was a joke from 2018, when the billionaire emptied his pocket for a social media app!

People immediately noticed that it was basically the same joke Ricky told in his Netflix Specific humanityIn which he said:

“They can follow me without me knowing, choose to read my tweet, and then take it personally. It’s like going to a town square, seeing a big notice board and there’s a notice – guitar Lessons – and you go, ‘But I don’t a**king want guitar lessons’. ‘Okay, this isn’t for you, just walk away. Don’t worry about it!'”

Yep… see them split together (below):

Ricky also agreed. Tweeting the link of the video, he wrote:

There’s Something Great About a Town Square Ad for Guitar Lessons ,

After a few hours of biting, Corden apologized, writing:

“Unintentionally told a great Ricky Gervais joke on the show last night, obviously not knowing it came from him. It’s brilliant, because it’s a Ricky Gervais joke. You can watch all of Ricky’s best specials on Netflix. J X.”

late late showof Twitter and youtube The accounts removed the video btw. Apologies yet to come:

Gervais eventually took down his tweet pointing to plagiarism, and when a fan asked why, The Office The producer replied:

“began to feel sorry for him” ,

Um, really? Because he was being blasted for stealing your joke? Well, not at all. Gervais argued that it was probably not Corden’s fault, saying:

“No. I think one of the writers ‘came up with it’ for him. I doubt he would intentionally copy such a well-known stand up routine term.

Ok… such a famous routine…

But the thing is, this isn’t the first time he’s been accused of picking up material from a fellow British comedian. noel fielding May not be a household name in America, known to most The Great British Bakeoff, but in the UK that is huge and has been for years. Years Like 2017 When The Convo With Corden Was Happening Matthew Broderick And dropped a little gem:

“If someone tries to swindle you – someone comes and goes: ‘Give me your wallet, man,’ just go: [whispered] ‘You’ll never believe what happened.’ If you just go to: ‘You’d never guess what?’ They go like this, they go: ‘What?’ And it gives you time, you just bolt!

who was like Mighty Busho Starr’s “whispered” bit from Montreal’s 2010 Just for Laughs festival, in which she joked that the “rules” of whispering were so strong that if you’re going to be duped, and you whisper “Oi, mate” stop her and Have to answer, even in a whisper, “What is this?”

Ch-ch- Watch the whole thing at about the 4:30 mark (below):

This was pointed out at that time also. Noel himself tweeted a fan saying:

“@JKCorden totally stole the whispers from @noelfielding11”

and added:

“yeah i believe it’s my stuff x”

That video was also taken down. Though perhaps Corden didn’t think Noel was such a big name that he had to publicly apologize? Maybe he didn’t want to draw attention to his habit of snatching bits from other British comics he thought his New Yankees audience might not know?

It’s hard to blame one writer, because it wasn’t even in a monologue. That was suddenly!

What do you think, Perezius comedy fans? Is the heist of the joke just another quirk of James Corden’s more colorful personality??

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