Harry Styles Movie Draws Near 3M Households on HBO Max – Deadline

Specific: Streaming data sources tell us that the Olivia Wilde directed film, don’t worry darling Pulled in roughly 2.7M households in both smart TV and mobile viewing in its first week hbo max,

The Florence Pugh-Harry Styles-Chris Pine’s film hits HBO Max on Monday, November 7 after an impressive 53-day theatrical window and $87 million global gross. The picture, which won the Wild the Fanheart 3 award at the Venice Film Festival, opens in theaters on September 23. $19.3M for the States.

Warner Discovery, run by David Zaslav, has a new mandate and philosophy that is different from the old WarnerMedia regime. While that old administration was all about theatrical day and date and direct to streaming movies on HBO Max, the new Warner Discovery believes that a film’s patina and legs are best preserved after a theatrical window. is maintained and capitalized. Zaslav has publicly stated that he has not seen any evidence of subscriber stickiness or retention with direct-to-streaming or theatrical day-and-date movies on the OTT service.

Estimated draw for R-rated don’t worry darling Beats first week’s estimated 2M viewership fire starter which was in peacetime and day and date in theaters and only $14.9M WW ($9.5M domestic) as well as Amblin’s first week audience bird A similar household count was also performed on AppleTV+, but did not account for the box office-reported theatrical run.

Estimated viewership for don’t worry darling Based on approximately 700K Samba TV US households that tuned in during the L+6D window. Streaming sources inform us that Samba, which measures 3M Smart TV homes but not mobiles, represents 25% of the true viewership for a program or movie during a specified time frame. Samba pointed out that for L+6D harry potter spin-off sequel Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore 2M were clocked in their measurements (an additional 8M in its first week by industry count); This was after hitting HBO Max with an over 45-day theatrical window and $95.9M domestic, $405.1M global gross.

of don’t worry darlingSamba, Portland, OR was over-indexed the most (+90%) among the U.S.’s top 25 largest markets, followed by Sacramento, CA (+70%) and Boston, MA (+69%).

Tonight is Styles’ last night of his two-week residency at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles before heading to Guadalajara, Mexico, on November 20. He will return to the Kia Forum on January 26, 27 and 29 to make up. for canceled shows when he fell ill at the beginning of the month. Styles’ Love On Tour jaunt brings in a lifetime running low of over $235M.