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‘Gujarat ma Modi che’: गुजरात चुनाव पर BJP सांसद रवि किशन का गुजराती-भोजपुरी मिक्स चुनावी गाना ‘गुजरात मा मोदी छे’ रिलीज, मचा रहा धमाल, Watch Video

‘Gujarat Maa Modi Che’: Bhojpuri superstar and Gorakhpur BJP MP Ravi Kishan’s Gujarati-Bhojpuri election song has been released regarding the Gujarat assembly elections. Today this song was released on social media in Ravi Kishan and its information was also given on Twitter. The statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is visible in the poster released for the song. There is a picture of PM and CM of Gujarat Bhupendra Patel. Ravi Kishan is seen singing Gujarati-Bhojpuri mix election song Gujarat Maa Modi Chhe. This song of Ravi Kishan is rocking the social media after being released.

Let us inform that earlier BJP MP Ravi Kishan had sung a rap song for the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. The lyrics of the song were ‘UP Me Sab Ba’, this song by Ravi Kishan was very much liked by the people. That’s why it is expected that people will also like this song of Ravikishan very much.



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