Gigi Hadid Quits Twitter After Elon Musk Takeover – Says It’s ‘Becoming More And More Of A Cesspool Of Hate & Bigotry’

Gigi Hadido Calling it quits with Twitter for now.

If you have been on social media platforms, then you must have probably noticed that there have been many celebs who have announced their decision to leave the app since Elon Musk Took ownership of it. These stars include Shonda Rhimes, Sara BareillesAnd Toni Braxton, And now, everyone can add Gigi to the list! On Saturday, the 27-year-old model took Instagram Stories To inform his fans that he has officially “deactivated” his account. He said:

“For a long time, but especially with my new leadership, it’s becoming a cesspool of more and more hate and bigotry, and this is not a place I want to be a part of.”

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Gigi then apologized to her fans on stage, saying:

“Sorry only to the fans I have loved connecting with through Twitter for over a decade. But I cannot say that it is a safe place for anyone and not a social platform that will do more good than harm. ,

Along with his statement, he also shared a screenshot of a former employee’s tweet. Shannon Raj Singh, which told followers that “the entire human rights team has been cut from the company.” Twitter laid off nearly half of its employees on Friday. But beyond layoffs, the app has also seen a rise in hate speech. According to Washington PostThe Network Contagion Research Institute found that the use of the N-word on social media platforms increased by almost 500% in the first 12 hours after the acquisition of Elon alone. The newspaper also noted that the use of sexist and anti-LGBTQ messages has increased, along with other racist rhetoric. Disgusting…

We can’t blame him for wanting to leave the app beforehand. You can read Gigi’s full message (below):

Gigi Hadid Quits Twitter After Elon Musk Takeover, Says It's 'Becoming More Of A Cesspool Of Hate And Bigotry'
(c) Gigi Hadid / Instagram

Now, if fans try to visit her profile on Twitter, it says, “This account does not exist.” But don’t you all worry, you can still get content from Gigi on Instagram. Ch-ch-see this (below):

Gigi Hadid Quits Twitter After Elon Musk Takeover, Says It's 'Becoming More And More Of A Cesspool Of Hate And Bigotry'

We’ll have to see who decides to say goodbye to Twitter! Are you surprised that Gigi decided to leave the app? Are you planning to follow suit and leave Twitter now that Elon has taken over, Perezius readers? Share your thoughts on this matter in the comments below.

[Image via Gigi Hadid/Instagram, WENN]