Francia Raisa UNFOLLOWS Selena Gomez After Singer Called Taylor Swift Her ‘Only Friend In The Industry’ – And Twitter Reacts!

It seems like Francia Raisa Not too happy with Celie right now!

As we reported earlier, Selena Gomez did an interview with Rolling stone this week where she opened up about how she never fits in with her fellow celebrities and opened up about how Taylor Swift She was “the only friend in the industry”. She told the outlet at the time:

“I never fit in with a good group of girls who were celebrities. My only friend in the industry is really Taylor [Swift], so I remember not feeling that way. I felt that everyone around me was living a full life. I had this position, and I was really happy, but… was I? Do these materialistic things make me happy? I didn’t like who I was, because I didn’t know who I was. ,

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However, the comment apparently didn’t sit well with Francia, who donated her kidney to the 30-year-old singer in 2017. when I! news shared quotes about taylor instagramThe grown-isho The actress reacted in a since-deleted comment, saying:


But Francia didn’t do just that. It also looks like she doesn’t follow it anymore Wizards of Waverly Place On alum ‘gram anymore! Ch-ch-see this (below):


It’s a pretty weird dig, it seems Selena was referring to Taylor as her only friend in the music industry and not all the entertainment industry in general. Many people on social media seem to agree that she was just talking about her pop mates and she took Twitter To point to that fact, saying:

“Because you’re not a friend of the industry? Selena literally calls you her sister. If you check out the actual interview Selena is clearly pointing out her social circle of pop girls. Selena needs to constantly remind you that Why the need to know where you are in his life publicly?”

“When Selena said industry, she meant the music industry. Does Francia release music? Nah. Does she record music videos? Nah. Clearly, Francia can’t identify what “industry” means “

“No it’s very strange on Francia’s part because
1. Selena was just talking about the music industry
2. If you are going to donate your kidney then you need to do it with a clear conscience whether to a stranger or a friend you cannot expect your donation to be worshiped for the rest of your life.

“What Francia did was amazing but since Dan, she has unfollowed and unfollowed Selena several times… ‘don’t be petty in public’

“Please this is petty AF. Francia could have contacted Selena privately to clarify what she meant in this interview,” said a Selena fan. “Because clearly she meant Taylor The only international superstar/huge celebrity he is friends with”

“The fact that he gave Selena a kidney doesn’t mean she randomly jumps to a** conclusion, unfollows Selena and acts weird under the news post when Selena gives her Didn’t do anything to humiliate – she can just talk straight to her if she feels something is wrong. That’s not it.”

“Please tell me Francia didn’t just unfollow Selena Gomez over the comment she made about Taylor Swift being her only friend in the industry. You don’t need a solid IQ to know that.” He means the music industry.”

This is not the first time Selena and Francia have had a rift. were there rumors of their feud With each other a few years after Francia donated her kidney Who says artist. Although, It seemed that the two had reconciled On some posts when Francia talked about the process of kidney donation on Twitter in 2021, and Selena thanked “for blessing me”. couple too reunited for a hilarious TIC Toc this year.

Hopefully, this was just a misunderstanding between Selena and Francia, and they can sort it out! Status thoughts, Perezcious reader? Do you think Selena was talking about Taylor being her only friend in the music industry, or do you believe she was in the industry as a whole? Sound off in the comments below.

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