Farrah Abraham Freaks Fans Out With Latest Selfie: WTF Happened to Her FACE?!

In a sense, Farrah Abraham is very popular.

With an Instagram following of nearly 3 million, the former Teen Mom star reportedly earns tens of thousands every month through sponsored content posts.

But we can’t help but think that the people who are paying Farrah to endorse her products have never actually scrolled down to her comments section.

Because as far as we can tell, most of those 3 million users are only following Farrah so they’ll be the first to capitalize on her posts every time.

Farah Abraham’s latest selfie is making headlines. Unfortunately for Farrah, it’s not getting many compliments. (photo via Instagram)

For an example of this phenomenon, look no further than Farrah’s latest selfie (above), which has garnered quite a bit of attention in teen mom-centric corners of Reddit.

“When you’ve finished decorating your ex-mad tree this year,” Farah captioned the picture.

We think Ms. Abrahams meant to say something along the lines of “when” you are doing did your makeup Christmas Trees this year,” but by Farrah-speak standards, that caption was actually pretty consistent.

farah abraham video still
Farrah Abraham knows how to be very mean. (photo via Instagram)

That’s why fans don’t lash out at Sophia’s mom for her spelling, grammar, or typos.

Instead, they went to town on Farrah for her appearance – which has changed quite a bit in recent weeks.

One commenter wrote, “She was a beautiful woman before the DRS who continue to say yes to more.”

Farrah Abraham has done a lot. (photo via Instagram)

“More and more cat faces every year,” added another.

“Holly sh*t this is really sad. Like it makes me feel so bad for her and how she should feel about herself. And she’s only what, 30?” a third asked.

“I think she’s so in denial that she doesn’t see what we all see. She thinks it’s growth versus destruction. It’s sad,” voiced a fourth.

Farrah Abraham in a sweatshirt
Farrah Abraham didn’t actually go to Harvard. Don’t let this sweatshirt fool you. (photo via Instagram)

A fifth user said, “I’m not against plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures, but this is unfortunate.”

you get the idea.

Some fans did not mock Farrah’s appearance and instead expressed concern for her mental health, noting that happy, self-confident people generally do not feel the need to constantly change their appearance.

farah abraham confessional photo
Farrah Abraham looks here at the camera during an appearance on Teen Mom. (photo via MTV)

One such commenter wrote, “Yeah this picture shows so much sadness about the holly jolly selfie.”

Obviously, some of these comments are a little mean, and we would never, ever make fun of someone else’s appearance.

But it’s worth noting that Farrah is often pretty mean herself, and she love Makes fun of other people for their appearance.

Farrah Abraham Snapshot
Farah Abraham is front and center in this photo. That’s really annoying, isn’t it? (photo via Instagram)

In fact, just last week Farah was making Cruel Comments About Lana Del Rey’s Weight,

So while we won’t be joining the pile-on, you won’t be finding us rushing to Farrah’s rescue anytime soon either.

Perhaps this latest controversy will teach Farrah a valuable lesson regarding her ability to “stick it out” and her willingness to “take it on.”