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Farmani Naaz Brother Arrested: सिंगर फरमानी नाज के भाई लूटपाट के मामले में हुए गिरफ्तार, पिता और जीजा भी चल रहे फरार 

Farmani Naaz Bhai arrested Switching on the internet by singing the song ‘Har Har Shambhu’, the family of Shingar Fur Naaz discuss the topic of their Kalikartoon. Yaar is the protective shield for the steel. Those who were the ones who were the ones who were the ones who were the ones that were the to kasaur to kasaur to kayr gang gang gang

During the water works in Harki village, there was Kuntal Sariya. In such a situation, if you are with him on the 10th, then fill it in the bank and take it. A total of 8 people were cured only after they were registered in the policing. During this, the police also found 200 kg of bars and vehicles used to carry out the theft from them.

, Farmani participated in ‘Indian Ideal’. Wayne to calculate the weather in Muzaffarnagar weather.

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