European Film Academy Unveils Inaugural Month Of European Film – Deadline

European Film Academy has unveiled a new public-facing event called European Film Month.

The initiative includes exhibitions of European cinema in arthouse theaters and other venues in 35 countries. Europe,

It will begin on 13 November and run for four weeks for the European Film Awards in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, on 10 December.

Also, streaming platform Mubi will focus on European films, allowing audiences from around the world to participate.

With European Film Month, the Academy is launching a new network. A large part of this network consists of movie theaters, which curate smart programs with select films that satisfy the curiosity and tastes of their local audiences. programs that help rediscover European film culture,” said EFA CEO and Director.

“For the first time, all these efforts and initiatives have been linked to each other through the long European Film Month, carefully organized by the Academy.”

Cinemas involved in the initiative include FranceBalzac in Paris, Latvia’s Magnificent Palace in Riga, Netherlands’ IEE in Amsterdam, UK’s Glasgow Film Theatre, Ukraine’s Zovten Cinema in Kyiv, Sweden’s Folkett Bio in Ume, Italy’s Cinema Beltrade in Milan and the Yorke Cinema Series in Berlin for Germany,

There will be events celebrating the national cinema of some European regions as well as screenings of individual films. For example, Kyiv’s Zovten Cinema is planning an Italian retrospective, while Italy’s Beltrade will run a Spanish film festival.

There will also be retrospectives dedicated to such iconic European filmmakers as Lars von Trier at Kino Aero in Prague, Jacques Tati at Nikolai Biograf in Kolding, Denmark, and Jonas Mekas at Kino Armata in Pristina, Kosovo.

“What Europe lacks is a strong awareness of both the combined prosperity and vulnerability of its own cinema and, with it, a willingness and dedication to respect and protect it,” Knoll said.

“We are convinced that strengthening the visibility of European films that contain our own European stories and histories should not be done only at the national level. This is a European question and need, which can only be successfully answered together, Joining forces further. This initiative is the first step for us. The Academy will be more committed to it in the years to come.”

European Film Month will begin on 13 November with the European Arthouse Cinema Day, a project organized by CICAE and the annual Young Audience Awards of the European Film Academy.