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Enhance Your Valentine’s Day With Some New Toys

Part of our holistic treatment is helping men expand their sexual activity into a more playful and pleasure-centered approach. Many men follow a very rigid sequence of events that is considered “successful” for sex. Naturally, this rigid approach can often result in performance anxiety which leads to sexual functioning issues of all kinds.

is a way to incorporate toys into the sexual act, Men get used to toys. We had them as kids and we played with them in the sandbox as kids! Lots of men have adult toys like motorcycles, computers, and sports equipment. I like the idea of ​​using it as a toy that invokes the idea of ​​play. If we are playing, our focus is only on enjoying.

Unfortunately, the term “sex toys” has a lot to offer. If I mention a sex toy in a session, many men often start imagining giant dildos or scary devices they’ve seen on the internet. When I suggest toys, it’s far more gentle. Everyday things can become sex toys! A tennis ball can be rolled up and down the limbs and body as a great massage toy. Pieces of cloth, scarves and even old neck-ties can be used to heighten the sensation or even as a blindfold. A hairbrush rolled gently over the skin can provide a delightful prickle-tickling sensation.

One of our top recommendations is a body massager called the succulent passion stick, Many of our patients buy them here in the office. These are body massagers which are sold in departmental stores or specialty shops or even drugstores. These devices are very strong vibrating massagers that feel wonderful on sore or sore muscles and tired bodies. They also feel wonderful on erogenous areas. We don’t often think of vibration as a great sensation for men, but the fact is, Many men love the intense stimulation that comes from these devices.

So, do some research. Look around the house for everyday items that you can turn into erotic toys. Do some online shopping and find some equipment that tickles your funny bone and start playing!

If you’re interested in exploring with sex toys but don’t know where to start, we can help. we made our list Top Recommended Products To give you a leg up this Valentine’s Day.

you can also Contact us to schedule an appointment If you are experiencing sexual dysfunction or want to learn more about how to incorporate these toys into your sexual routine.