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Emily Ratajkowski says she bought 1-year-old son a baby doll and tea set to ‘balance out’ his ‘love’ of trucks

Emily Ratajkowski explains why she recently bought her 1-year-old son, Sly, a baby doll and tea set.

During Tuesday’s episode of her podcast “High Low with Emerata,” 31 year old model And guest Julia Fox was discussing raising her baby sons as single moms.

Fox said “it’s hard” because “you don’t want them to end up like every single guy you’ve ever met.”

“It’s like, How do you keep this conditioning from happening?” The 32-year-old “Uncut Gems” star added.

Emily Ratajkowski on sexuality: ‘I don’t really believe in straight guys’

Emily Ratajkowski says she bought son Sly a doll and tea set "to equalize" gender-specific toys.

Emily Ratajkowski said she bought son Sly a doll and tea set to “balance” the gender-specific toys.
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“It’s crazy, sly loves trucks,” Ratajkowski said. “He gets so excited, he loves to play with the wheels on anything.

“This morning, I ordered her a baby doll and a tea set because I’m like, ‘We have to balance this.’ But at the same time, is this what she naturally likes?”

Fox noted her 1 year old son Valentino “Crazy” about trucks, but he “likes to push around in a stroller with a little doll.” He said he bought her a pink truck, and Ratajkowski said that Sly has a pink convertible as well.

“Are there small ways you can start to help make sure the conditioning doesn’t happen?” Inamorata’s founder asked. “And spending a lot of time around women too?”

Ratajkowski explained that it made her “very sad” to think about “someone trying to toughen up”.

“And that’s where patriarchy hurts men,” agreed Fox. “Because I think men are really these repressed individuals.”

Podcast guest Julia Fox reveals her son Valentino "became mad" on trucks, but that too "Likes to push around in a stroller with a small doll in it."

Podcast guest Julia Fox explained that her son Valentino “hangs out” on trucks, but that he “likes to push around in a stroller with a little doll.”
(Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images)

Fox shares Valentino with her ex-husband Peter Artemyev. Former Dominatrix Married Private pilot in 2018, but the pair split in 2020. The two welcomed their son in January 2021, six months after finalizing their divorce. During his conversation with Ratajkowski, Fox revealed that he co-parents Valentino, but has primary custody.

Ratajkowski shares the sly with her husband, Sebastian Bier-McClard. The pair married in 2018 after only a few weeks of dating, and she gave birth to Sly in March 2021. The “I Feel Pretty” star split from the “Uncut Gems” producer in July amid allegations of cheating and filed for divorce in September.

Before welcoming Sly, Ratajkowski wrote an essay for Vogue in which she explained that she and Bear-McClard told their friends that they “wouldn’t know.” [baby’s] Until our child turns 18 and they will tell us.”

They elaborated on their shared belief that gender “is much more complex than any genital that our child may be born with” and noted that “our child can be born with any genitalia, It’s true that we have no idea ultimately Who?– instead of this what – growing inside my stomach.”

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“I like the idea of ​​imposing as few gender stereotypes as possible on my child,” Ratajkowski said.

Emily Ratajkowski attends the Rapwoman Power Women Breakfast at Tribeca Grill on July 9, 2019 in New York City.

Emily Ratajkowski attends the Rapwoman Power Women Breakfast at Tribeca Grill on July 9, 2019 in New York City.
(Diya Deepasupil/Getty Images)

After giving birth, Ratajkowski shared picture of her newborn With the caption “Pretty boy.” The post sparked confusion and backlash from fans, who questioned why she confirmed Sly’s gender following her comments in a Vogue piece. In response, the actress said that her critics should read her essay to fully understand her views on gender.

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In November 2021, Ratajkowski told Interview magazine, “Babies have this genderless trait for him, and so I love to offer it to him right now.”

“I’m just treating him as this wonderful little human being presented to the world.”