Emily Ratajkowski Reveals She Weighed Just 100 Pounds Recently After ‘Trauma’-Induced Weight Loss

Emily Ratajkowski This month has been in the news for a very good reason! fans on social media eagerly followed As Emrata strikes up a new romance with the comedian Pete Davidson East split after her summer Sebastian Bear-McClard,

but things ain’t been easy at all for gone girl The late actress, even though she seems so comfortable with her enviable single life. In fact, as she revealed in her most recent episode high Low podcast, health has been a major concern for the model mom lately…

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Ratajkowski is a former porn star Mia Khalifa As her guest on Tuesday’s Brand New Podcast ep. The pair discussed Khalifa’s sometimes controversial career, the use of the Internet as a propaganda tool, and other related topics.

At one point, they got really serious—discussing the physical fallout from traumatic events in life. EmRata made a shocking revelation during that topic, hinting that she’d had a “really scary” experience with her “recent” weight loss. we are your friends The star said that her weight dropped to just 100 pounds at one point.

Considering EmRata is almost 5’7″, that’s definitely a low number. And shedding that much weight so quickly really threw the A-list star for a loop. He said to the Caliph:

“When I’m really unwell, I lose a lot of weight. I was down to 100 pounds recently and it was really, really scary.

Oh God!!

Model with 1 year old son Sylvester Apollo Bear With her ex, she not-so-subtly hinted that the weight fluctuation came from a volatile time in her personal life:

“I think trauma stays in the body. That’s been my experience.


Yet, he never addressed what the “trauma” in question actually was. But divorce is obviously a very stressful situation…

But thankfully, it looks like things are back on track for EmRata. She told Mia that in recent weeks, she’s been able to regain some of the weight and fill out in a more healthy way. Buoyed by the recent rebound, he concluded:

“For me, it’s a huge game changer and how I know I’m happy.”

Well, thank god for that.

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Undoubted, my body The author did not specify exactly why she had lost weight “recently”. But she’s going through a lot this year…

As we’ve previously reported, she split from Bear-McClard in July. amid disturbing cheating allegations against him. The couple had been married for four years. He officially filed divorce papers to end things a few weeks later. Obviously, the breakup of a marriage can be a traumatic event, so it is possible that this may have been a source of Emily’s health crisis.

More recently, she has been seen out and about with the likes of brad pitt and other Hollywood hunks, seems to be back in the dating game source of positivity to model. and of course, her budding chemistry with Kim Kardashianis east of can talk about practically all immediately. so maybe m recent romantic adventures Also played a role in getting your weight back on track?

All speculation, of course. could be here many other things going on Behind the scenes as well as very public scenes around the star’s love life.

Whatever is going on, we hope Emrata is fine. I am sending my best wishes for his health from here!

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