Emilia Jones and Susanna Fogel Team Up for Reality Winner Biopic

Emilia Jones and Susanna Fogel are reuniting. The pair have just teamed up for “Cat Person” A film adaptation of Kristen Roupenian’s viral New Yorker story about a college boy’s affair with an older man. That project is currently in post-production, and they’re now doing another collaboration: Jones, who led this year’s Best Picture winner, “CODA,” the “Winner,” Fogel’s “darkly comedic” whistleblower reality winner. Will topline the biopic. Deadline broke the news.

Written by Kerry Holly and Based on his New York Magazine feature storyThe film follows Winner (Jones), “a brilliant young misfit from Texas who challenges his morals while serving in the US Air Force and working as an NSA contractor. The film takes a fresh look at the traditional whistleblower thriller.” The coming-of-age story follows an idealistic young woman who is persecuted for standing up to her principles,” the source details.

Connie Britton, whose recent credits include “The White Lotus” and “Luckiest Girl Alive,” will play the winner’s mother.

the winner received history making sentence After leaking a document exposing Russia’s interference in the 2016 US presidential election.

“As a filmmaker, I try to tell stories that question the world we live in and the system that is broken in it. But in a funny way. The reality winner is the perfect heroine for a film that hones in on the ideas of personal power, morality, and finding your voice,” Fogel said. “She’s a true person: she speaks many languages, she loves her guns, she can destroy you on Twitter, and her obsession with Pikachu is unmatched. Clearly, she’s the one for those generations.” There is the perfect mouthpiece for those who are unique and fed up with feeling powerless. And there’s no one more to play her role than Emilia Jones, one of the most exciting young actresses working today. I hope that reality The story will inspire others to speak up and defend their beliefs, no matter what. I am thrilled to partner with this team of actors and activists to bring this film to life.”

Fogel’s feature credits include “The Spy Who Dumped Me” and “Life Partners”. “The Flight Attendant” and “The Wilds” are among his small screen credits. She got Emmy nod for the former. Fogel directed several episodes of “A Small Light,” an upcoming Disney+ limited series It tells the story of a Dutch woman who risked her life to help protect the family of Anne Frank. “The Morning Show” stars Bell Powley.

Jones played an aspiring singer and the only hearing member in a deaf family in “CODA,” an Oscar-winning coming-of-age picture of Sean Heder. His other credits include “Locke & Key” and “Nuclear”.