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‘E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial’ star Henry Thomas recalls working with Drew Barrymore on 1982 film

Steven Spielberg’s classic film, “ET the Extra-Terrestrial,” celebrated its 40th anniversary earlier this year — and its biggest stars, henry thomasGrateful to be a part of it.

Thomas spoke to Fox News Digital about how the film continues to capture the hearts of audiences across every generation. Thomas plays Elliot, who befriends E.T.

“It’s such a phenomenon. It still has a life in it. I marvel at it all the time,” Thomas said. “Fans of this movie will not be put off. It’s like a generational ‘Wizard of Oz.'” I am surprised by this. You know, this is the longest press tour in history. That’s what I keep saying.”

Thomas said, “It’s great that people have good memories of it, and it’s a lovely film,” noting that “it would be terrible if it was the worst film in history,” which is not something that anyone can deal with. He wanted to join. ,

Henry Thomas on the set of "at"

Henry Thomas on the set of “ET”
(Photo by Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)

Henry Thomas celebrates the legacy of ‘ET the Extra-Terrestrial’ as the film celebrates its 40th anniversary

The cast of the iconic film reunited last month on “The Drew Barrymore Show” in honor of the film’s 40th anniversary. Thomas said that it had been a long time since he and Barrymore had last seen each other, joking that he “sees her in 20-year increments.”

“It’s funny because it’s at the point now where, it’s like a family. It’s almost the same thing, like without the blood ties,” he explained. “But, you know, everybody’s life and you live vaguely with people. It’s like cousins, like distant cousins.”

The 1982 Steven Spielberg film starred Henry Thomas as Elliot, the boy who befriends E.T.  Drew Barrymore played Gertie, Elliot's younger sister.

The 1982 Steven Spielberg film starred Henry Thomas as Elliot, the boy who befriends E.T. Drew Barrymore played Gertie, Elliot’s younger sister.
(Getty Images)

Thomas was 10 years old when filming “ET” and while he did not think the prop alien was real, he found that for Barrymore “the veil of fantasy and reality was still shimmering”.

,she thought et needed a scarf When we went off stage when it was cold and things like that,” recalled Thomas Barrymore, who played her character’s younger sister, Gertie. “‘What’s he going to have for lunch today? Are? Is he going to have dinner with us or is he going to wait here?’ things like that. But she was really sweet. I mean, her personality at that age was kind of like Gertie’s character just about a click or half a click away. But there it is on-screen.”

“ET” isn’t the only reunion for Thomas this year, as his newly released film “Sam & Kate” reunites him with his “Raggedy Man” co-star Sissy Spacek. The 1981 film was Thomas’ first acting job, and he said “it was really special” to be able to work with her again.

Henry Thomas has a close relationship with Sissy Spacek and her husband, Jack Fisk, after working with Spacek on their first film in 1981. "Raggedy Man."

Having worked with Spacek on his first film, 1981’s “Raggedy Man,” Henry Thomas has a close relationship with Sissy Spacek and her husband, Jack Fisk.
(Photo by Gary Miller / FilmMagic)

The film revolves around Sam, played by Jake Hoffman, who returns home to care for his terminally ill father, played by Dustin Hoffman. While caring for her, he begins to fall in love with Kate, played by Schuyler Fisk, while his father falls for Kate’s mother Tina, played by Spacek.

“For me to get a chance to work with him again, it was really special. We’ve definitely kept in touch over the years, but it was really cool to work with him.” [her] and Schuyler together, as well as Dustin and Jake,” said Thomas. “Sadly, I didn’t have any scenes with Dustin, but it was wonderful to share the screen with him nonetheless.”

Thomas was excited to be a part of the film before Spacek and Hoffman signed on, but his excitement grew when he learned that they were involved.

‘Et’ star Henry Thomas addresses resume rumors, reveals life after iconic film

“I know Orion Williams, one of the producers, and have known him for years. He’s one of my oldest friends, and years ago, I met Darren Le Gallo and Orion, and they were trying to start this. were doing,” Thomas explained. “Eight or nine years later, we really worked together. The story of the movie took on a whole new life when Dustin and Sissy came on board. I think it’s a really special story. The script was always fantastic, but Jake and Skyler and Dustin and Sissy Together, it really is quite magical.”

He described his character, Ron, as a foil for “what could happen to Sam” if he doesn’t get his life back on track, calling Ron “a fun-loving guy”. goes, who is “too stuck in his little corner.” World.” He bases his character on people he knew growing up in his hometown, saying that everyone knows someone like him.

Henry Thomas hopes that his new film, "Sam and Kate," Will inspire people to go to theaters again.

Henry Thomas hopes his new film “Sam & Kate” will inspire people to go to the theaters again.
(Photo by Angela Weiss / Getty Images)

With this film, Thomas hopes to inspire people to “fall in love with going to the theater all over again”, as watching something made for the big screen at home is “like Picasso in a snow globe all the time”. to see”. He believes that there should be a balance between streaming and going to theatres.

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“I think with COVID and the pandemic easing relatively around the world, I think people can do well for themselves to get out and go to theaters again,” he said. “Maybe it’s wrapped in nostalgia for me because some of my earliest memories [are] Going to the movie theater with my parents and looking at things and being influenced by these big images.”

Thomas has a few projects he is currently working on, calling himself a “Jack of all trades, master of none”. He has an album, a book and a few films expected next year.

“I’ve got a few film projects that will hopefully start in the first quarter of the new year. I have a few projects that are releasing on Netflix in the near future. I don’t know exactly when, but [they will be] In Mike Flanagan UniverseThomas shared. ,

Henry Thomas teases another collaboration with Netflix and Mike Flanagan, who directed him "Hill House Haunt."

Henry Thomas teased another collaboration with Netflix and Mike Flanagan, who directed him in “Haunting of Hill House.”
(Photo by John Phillips / Getty Images)

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“Sam & Kate” will be available November 18.