Dwayne Johnson DC Movie Looking At $135M Worldwide Opening – Deadline

Finally, after a very long drought at the box office, comes a fire-breathing theatrical-window tent new linedwayne johnson title, black adam,

But will it deliver?

Knock on wood is what everyone hopes for this DC movie that was shot for less than $200M.

The film heated up this month with a $65M-$70M launch on domestic tracking. However, that forecast has calmed down $60M, exclusively currently on Rotten Tomatoes with 53% of rotten reviews. therein lies black adamKryptonite. Hopefully this number will not decrease further. $60M in US/Canada to start with Johnson’s non-fast and furious domestic opening, ie The Mummy Returns ($68 million, 2001) and Jumanji: The Next Level ($59 million, 2019). If the film does better, it will be because Sony fans don’t have much to offer. bullet train during the first weekend of August, which $30M. started from and exceeded $103M Stateside. yes there was universal/blumhouse/miramax halloween ends last weekend, Joe $40M . started frombelow Its $55M Estimate Due to release simultaneously on Peacock. hope the sequel There is a huge drop compared to the 2021 predecessor halloween kills In the 70% range. preview for black adam, Which will have all premium formats, including Imax, starting at 3 pm on Thursday.

after dc Wonder Woman 1984 And suicide squad from James Gunn, Joe Dramatic day and date gone With HBO Max in 2020-21, and seeing respective small openings of $16.7M and $26.2M, the brand made a big comeback this year with Matt Reeves. Batman, Which opened for $134 million and reached $369.3 million before hitting HBO Max.

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working in black adamIn favor of Johnson’s loudspeakers of global social media wattage, as well as fierce marketing from Warner Bros., making it known that the film had been coming out virtual since. August 2020 DC Fandom confab when Megastar showed off animated concept art, and revealed the characters, through an appearance at another virtual DC fandome last year and A Big In-Person Cast Splash In full at San Diego Comic-Con and Johnson black adam tights was even Release date revealed by Johnson During the NCAA Tournament in March 2021. One cannot say that Warner Bros. did not promote the film. It certainly did for Johnson’s passion project, which he’d longed to create for years. black adam retems johnson with her Jungle Cruise Filmmaker Jaime Colette-Serra.

Expect the film, as is standard for Johnson fare, to excel overseas. We are expecting an offshore start in the vicinity of $65M-$75M, It interrupts the DC title’s worldwide opening $125M-$135M+. black adam Tomorrow the strike will begin overseas – particularly in France and Korea – and by Friday in 76 international markets, including Germany, Australia, Mexico, Brazil and the UK, among other big companies. Japan will join the fold on December 2. There is currently no date for China.

That international opening is in the category of comps like this: Shazam! And poison, let the massacre happen, Those titles made $57M and $77M respectively at the same opening and today’s rates. Recall that the dollar is currently at an extremely high level and is impacting the recovery from offshore turnstiles by about 15%.

Here exchange rates factor in potential swings, as does a lack of mainstream awareness of the nominal character. But on the other hand, audiences are yearning for a new product, Covid restrictions are inevitably less and Johnson is a massive global attraction. He was in London with Pierce Brosnan and other team members on Monday and also spent time in Mexico City for a black carpet event to promote the film earlier this month.

We are expecting a strong showing from Latin America as well as parts of Southeast Asia, while major schools in the UK and France go on holiday.

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,ticket to heaven,

Universal Pictures via YouTube

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