Donald Trump ‘Screaming At Everybody’ Over Election Losses & Blames Melania For Dr. Oz: REPORT

Over the next few days, Tuesday’s mid-term election results will be debated for hours. There have been a lot of victories on both sides, but one thing is clear: the biggest loss of the night was Donald Trump,

No, the former president wasn’t running for anything, but he was getting stumped out for a select few. And it’s not going well for the MAGA crowd. herschel walker Went with the Trump Playbook of Denying Everything When it came to his many scams, he is currently behind Raphael Warnock In Georgia, though he’s coming over the wire. As of this writing, Arizona’s black masters five points behind mark kelly, Conspiracy theorists in New Hampshire Don Bolduc could not remove seat Maggie Hassan, It also looks like the incumbent Representative Lauren Boebert is going to lose. And of course, there is Dr. Oz,

Trump backs TV doctor soon after, but also his rival John Fetterman Almost dying of a stroke wasn’t enough for Mehmet to win a Pennsylvania Senate position. dog murder casethe fact that he actually lives in New Jersey, and his own well-wisher Oprah Supporting your opponent… that’s all enough. Trump in particular has been hurt, according to insiders. Maybe because they were both reality stars? Trump the way Dr. Oz played a doctor on TV played the role of a successful businessman Feather the Apprentice, just a guess.

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Whatever the actual reason, Trump was reportedly furious at everyone at the loss. Maggie Haberman of new York Times tweeted Wednesday morning that he was particularly annoyed Melania Trumpwho explicitly recommended that he take on fellow Republicans (and zero dog killers) Dr. Support Oz. Dave McCormick, she wrote:

“Trump is really angry this morning, especially about Mehmet Oz, and is blaming everyone who advised him to support Oz – including his wife, for taking it to those close to him.” According to him not told his best decision.”

Haberman is known to have some great access to Trump, for better or worse, so his reports are pretty credible. But if that’s not enough, CNN‘s Jim Acosta said a Trump adviser told him the ex-president was “flaming” and “shouting at everyone” after the defeat.

Hilariously, if that’s true, it’s the opposite of the image he’s trying to project, as he pointed out. news nation With respect to all our candidates on Tuesday:

“Well, I guess if they win, I should get all the credit. If they lose, I shouldn’t be to blame at all.”

Most Trump talk we’ve ever heard. They say you couldn’t make blazing Saddles These days, we’d argue that you can’t make Veep anymore!

According to Haberman he Is Gaining blame – enough so that he is being advised not to announce his candidacy for president too soon. she wrote:

“There are people who are pushing Trump to reschedule his announcement to next week, and many bucks asking if he will, but that’s risky and acknowledging that he’ll be there by tomorrow. have been injured, something that some of his advisers say is not.”

Maybe advisers who want to keep their jobs and get to know Trump just want to be surrounded by yes-men who will placate their egos? The rest of the political world seems to be blaming Trump for the defeat and no longer giving him the credit for the victory.

Acosta’s source had the same message, btw, reporting:

“This adviser said it is unlikely that Trump will delay his expected presidential announcement because ‘to delay is too disrespectful’.”

very nice. Now a real question is if he decides to run will he even get his party’s nomination! After all, the governor of Florida Ron DeSantis, with whom Trump has been at war recently, won his re-election easily. Trump, of course, inspired everyone to remind him that DeSantis had arrived in his current position while riding the coattails of the then-president. Which is 100% true, btw. The ad where he pushed Trumpism on his baby girl is still one of the most pathetic suckers we’ve ever seen.

Wouldn’t it be funny if Trump started telling the truth all the time, but only when no one else would listen? Lolz!

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