Deavan Clegg Rushed Son Taeyang to Hospital with High Fever, Asks for Prayers

in the weekends, 90 Day Fiancé: The Second Way alum Devon Clegg delivered some serious news.

For most of this year, her son Taeyang’s cancer battle The views of the fans have been overwhelming.

This precious 3-year-old has been undergoing months of chemotherapy to combat his B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Cancer and chemo can leave someone vulnerable to other diseases. Dewan had to take her to the emergency room.

On Sunday, November 20, Dewan Clegg posted a series of heartbreaking Instagram Stories.

“Spending our night in the ER,” she announced.

“Taeyang has a really bad cold,” Dewan explained. Which can be dangerous for children undergoing chemotherapy.

Two hours later, Dewan posted an update to his story.

“Taeyang isn’t doing well,” she shared grimly with her followers. “Please please pray for us.”

In each post, she included a picture of her preschool-age son in a hospital bed. Fans could clearly see his hair falling due to chemotherapy.

“Update,” wrote Dewan four hours later. “We’re doing another blood transfusion.”

She shared that “Papa brought Taeyang his favorite dinner. He’s doing much better.

Dewan wrote that “we are hoping that we will only have to stay in the hospital for one night.”

Dewan also went live on Instagram to ask for financial donations and update followers for the benefit of her son.

She shared that the cold had spread among the family, but still Dewan and Topher’s newborn It was fine. Taeyang, was not with his compromised immune system.

The child, she elaborated, was spending time with her mother, Alicia, while Dewan and Topher focused on Taeyang.

Dewan also posted a regular photo on Instagram, which shows Taeyang in his hospital bed. This time, with a longer caption.

“I don’t usually like to share pictures like this,” began the concerned mom of three.

“But this is reality. This is real life,” Dewan insisted. “We’re not rich, we’re not famous.”

Dewan Clegg and Topher Park with Drasilla and Taeyang
90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way alum Dwayne Clegg poses for an adorable family photo with boyfriend Topher Park and Dwayne’s two children, Dracilla and Taeyang.

“We are normal people,” said Dewan, “who did a TV show 3 years ago.”

“This is our reality,” she wrote. “Childhood Cancer.”

For those unaware, she shared: “Last night Taeyang was taken to the emergency room with a 102 fever.”

Dewan elaborated: “It can be fatal for children undergoing chemotherapy.”

She said: “While in the ER we learned that he needed an emergency blood transfusion which was shocking to us. Because he had been transfused a few days earlier.”

Dewan said: “The thought that if I don’t bring him he might not wake up in the morning bothers me.”

“With it being flu season right now, this is a reminder to stay clean and safe,” Dewan encouraged. “Wash hands, wear a mask if possible and if sick please stay in bed.”

She observed: “While in the hospital I have seen so many children and heard the stories of so many sick children and December hasn’t even begun yet.”

Dewan said that “a small cold for you can be fatal for the little ones.”

Dewan expressed, “Horrified to know that this little cold didn’t affect my newborn, it’s also the same cold that sent our older son to the hospital.”

She admitted that “I worry every day and I’m sure other parents do too.”

On the bright side, Dewan shared: “Taeyang is doing better after a blood transfusion.”

Dewan Clegg with Vibrant Eyes
90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Devon Clegg shows off his bright blue eyes for the camera in this majestic selfie.

Dewan shared at the time, “They will keep him in the hospital for a while, so that his health can be monitored.”

“He has received treatment with antibiotics,” she elaborated, “and his fever is still high but slightly better.”

Dewan ended his long caption by writing: “We hope we can return home soon.”

On Monday, Dewan’s mother Alicia shared the welcome news on Instagram.

She shared that her grandson’s temperature had dropped after the second blood transfusion. The hospital was allowing him to return home.

We will continue to keep Taeyang and this entire family in our thoughts.