Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey: Are These Annoying Love Is Blind Stars Still Together?

Well, a new season of love is blind is upon us, and you know what that means…

More mismatched couples are running into unfortunate romances as the cameras roll!

yes, every year, we get at least One Couples who should not even share the lift, rarely get married.

Last season, we had two pairings in which Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson dealt with almost as much awkwardness as Shake Chatterjee and Deepti Vempati,

It was hit by Cole Barnett and Zaanab Jaffrey on Love Is Blind. But have they been able to keep their love alive? (photo via netflix)

This season, we have Cole Barnett and Zanaab Jaffrey.

And while Cole may not be widely despised like Shake, the man is certainly not a fan either.

(And as the clip below reminds us, he engaged in some very shake-like behavior during filming.)

Appropriately, Xanab seemed love-blind in her first conversation with Cole, and it didn’t take long for her to completely fall for her fellow realtor.

But once the pod stage was over, Xanab and Cole began hitting rough patches one after the other.

As with many other couples on the show, Cole and Xanab were bound by their shared religious belief, but shortly after spending the night together for the first time, they were locked in an unholy war.

Cole Barnett and Zaanab Jaffrey have gone through some rough times in Love Is Blind Season 3. (photo via netflix)

The two disputed the difference between “good” and “great”, and in one of the biggest moments in LiB history (which is really saying something), Cole told Zanaab that he thought ballerina Colleen was more attractive.

come to think of it maybe this man Is Shake as bad.

The response from fans has been so bad that Cole has already apologized on Instagram.

“It’s so hard to see us struggle in Malibu, and if I can change the mistakes and those moments, I will,” he wrote this week.

In this Instagram picture, Cole Barnett is posing with a fish. (photo via Instagram)

“We’ve had highs and lows, here are some moments I’ll never forget.”

So did the man make the mistake of a lifetime and agree to marry Cole?

Well… it looks like the LiB producers have gotten better at keeping a secret, which means we won’t be able to find out until the season finale on November 9th.

as glamour tellsif cole and zanabi did Breaking up, they’ve at least remained friends – they’ve both been liking each other’s posts non-stop.

Love is blind audiences have fallen in love with Janab’s sense of style. (photo via Instagram)

Otherwise, Xanaab has kept all this business on IG, promoting the show for nothing:

“Nothing says cuffing season like lounging on the couch and pouring your heart out! The sweet messages and comments I’ve received this week are so sweet!” She captioned the picture above.

“I can’t answer them all, but please know I’ve seen them and appreciate them very much! Sending all the positivity and love back to all of you. xx The first four episodes of @loveisblindnetflix are streaming now !”

Xanaab and Cole in one of their rare civilian moments. (photo via Instagram)

Damn those iron-clad NDAs!

Guess we’ll have to wait another week to see what happens to these two.

Let’s hope they go their separate ways for the sake of both of us!