Casey Anthony Gives Her First Filmed Interview In More Than A Decade – See Her Docuseries Teaser HERE

Casey Anthony Telling your side of the story.

Florida woman rocketed to viral notoriety in 2008 after she was accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter Kelly Anthony, Casey was tried in 2011 for that murder, but he was acquitted by the juryand allowed to walk free for the rest of his life.

For a while, she lay down after the startled and sordid situation. But now, a decade later, she’s back in the public eye—and she’s recounting everything that happened more than a decade ago.

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New Trailer for (Brief) Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies Released on Tuesday. Documentary being produced for Peacock streaming service. It will debut on the network in exactly three weeks on November 29. For now, this new teaser gives the world a very quick look at Casey, more than a decade after the bomb test.

This is the first time Anthony has spoken on camera about his daughter’s death in more than a decade. She has spoken off-camera before, 2017 including interview with The Associated Press. However, those comments were rare and brief. Now, it seems Although he is ready to tell everything,

doctor director in teaser clip alexandra dean He can be heard asking the camera:

“Why talk to me now, when you can’t seem to get creative control?”

Anthony, who is clearly passionate on camera, purses his lips. But just as she is about to answer, the camera suddenly cuts off and the screen goes black.

Instead of hearing Casey’s voice, a simple message is written across the screen to the audience:

“Casey Anthony Speaks.”

And that was it.

Watch the full teaser here (below):

In a release, filmmaker and director Dean spoke about the final point of the documentaries. Explaining to the audience that he was going to explore new ground with Kelly’s death, Dean claimed:

,[The series] Will inspire the American public to see this story in a new light. Since his acquittal in 2011, Casey Anthony’s public opinion has been largely convinced of his guilt by the media. ,

She also indicated that Casey would speak openly about her life and actions leading up to Kelly’s death and later:

“Casey had not yet given an in-depth interview explaining his actions.”

very nice…

Of course, Casey was infamously arrested back in 2008—a day after she reported her daughter’s disappearance. At the time, the elder Anthony claimed that the younger girl had previously gone missing with a babysitter. The police didn’t buy that story, and went on to press charges. Six months later, Kelly’s body was found in a wooded area near Casey’s home. The child’s remains were so mutilated that the medical examiner was unable to determine the cause of death.

In 2011, Casey was taken to trial on the charge in proceedings seen across the country, but was acquitted by a jury. Part of her defense was to claim that her father, George AnthonyHe is believed to have been involved in hiding Kelly’s death. He vehemently denied those allegations.

For years, Casey had walked away from the case after his acquittal. Now, it appears he is ready to erase the past in this new sit-down. Just wow

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