Britney Spears Says “I’m Not Dead” To Millie Bobby Brown Wanting To Portray Her In A Biopic, Fans Call Her “Rude For No Reason”

Britney Spears casts shade on Millie Bobby Brown, says she wants to portray him in a biopic
Britney Spears reacts to portraying Millie Bobby Brown in a biopic (Photo Credits – Instagram)

While some might prefer to make a movie on their life, Britney Spears is not one of them. More recently, Enola Holmes 2 actress Millie Bobby Brown said she hopes to someday portray Britney in a biopic about the singer’s tumultuous life. Brown said the pop star’s story resonated with her.

For the unversed, the One More Time singer has had a controversial past. One of the biggest ones was the conservatism scandal. Even though Spears is now free of it, she won’t stop making headlines on one sensation or the other.

People have criticized Britney Spears for posting n*ked pictures of herself on social media. His recent ‘body shaming’ comments on Christina Aguilera also made news. Now, the singer has shaded Millie Bobby Brown for saying that she would like to portray the pop star in a biopic one day.

Britney Spears sent a cryptic message to her Instagram that shadowed her family as well as Millie Bobby Brown Comment, Spears said, “Good news, good news!!! Still out of breath…” Then she talked about her parents and said, “It’s funny the same two people who gave me life, the same 2 people who took it away… but think what!!! I’m alive, and I’m breathing again!!!”

The Toxic singer then addressed the Stranger Things star and said, “I hear people want to do movies about my life… man I’m not dead!!!”

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Many Millie Bobby Brown fans took to the comments section to defend the actress.

“We love you Britney ️ Also, I think Millie Bobby Brown meant it as a compliment that she wanted to play you in a movie and she would honor you properly, don’t be angry Queen!” One user wrote.

Another said, “It was a compliment dear, whatever you hear don’t take it as a bad thing. Chill.”

“Why does she always have this cocky attitude with everyone? Like Miley didn’t say anything bad but just paid tribute,” said another.

“She’s so rude for no reason…,” said another fan.

what do you think how Britney Spears Millie reacted to Bobby Brown’s comment?

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