Finally, there is a film which is showing better collections on the second day as compared to the first. Of course this is a basic and very minimum requirement. However things are so bad for the industry in the present times that Jeevika is being celebrated and the growth is considered to be truly remarkable.

Box Office PhoneBhoot picks up speed, Kantara (Hindi) excels in 30th day

In the case of phonebhoot, there has been some sort of increase and this is also being observed, despite the fact that the collection should have actually grown even larger. However one needs to see things in perspective as to how the current times are and hence the growth of around 35%, even if on a score like Rs. 2.05 crores, not a bad deal either. Spoof Horror Comedy for Rs. 2.75 crores on Saturday and with this a total of Rs. 4.80 crores. Now it is waiting to see what kind of growth comes today so that by the end of the weekend, the film can cross the 8 crore mark.

related to Kantaras (Hindi) It is showing good day-to-day growth over the weekend as it has been in the previous three weeks also. 2.10 crores from the Rs that it collected on Friday; The film took a pretty good jump. 4.15 crore on Saturday, which is a very healthy number. It also needs to be seen in the perspective that this is the fourth week running and even the biggest blockbusters are unable to manage such numbers on their 30th day. However what is working in favor of Kantaras (Hindi) is that the audience is still waking up to it, which means there is going to be a substantial increase of over Rs. It has collected Rs 57.90 crore so far.

Note: All collections according to production and distribution sources

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