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Bling Empire’s Christine Chiu Details Mila Kunis Friendship

bling empire the viewer can be a little Surprised by the sudden guest appearance in season three: Mila Kunis,

but as Christine Chiu and her husband Dr. Gabriel Chiu Mentioned, the actress stomping on his desk during one scene wasn’t totally out of left field — considering the pair have been friends with Mila and husband. Ashton Kutcher For years

“We lived on a block where it was such a cute neighborhood,” Christine exclusively told E! News at the 2022 API Excellence Celebration, hosted by Netflix hollywood reporter and Gold House on 17 November. “My dog, who passed away, used to be Mila’s dog’s boyfriend. And so, we would walk them around the block every day at 4 o’clock and it was a really romantic time for both of them.”

But they soon became more than dog-walking buddies as a bond quickly blossomed between the two women.

“She’s such a great mom,” Christine said of Mila—who shares kids Wyatt7, and Dimitri, 5—with Ashton. Reality star welcomes son Gabriel Chiu III “I remember during that time when we were trying so hard to conceive — I just loved seeing her be such a mom,” aka Baby G said in 2018.