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Bigg Boss 16: Abdu Rozik ने Sajid Khan को कहा – ‘Chalak Bro Chalak’ डायलॉग हुआ वायरल, क्या यह Shehnaaz Gill की आयकॉनिक लाइन ‘तौडा कुत्ता टॉमी’ की तरह होगा पॉपुलर? (Watch Videos)

Big Boss 16: If everyone’s eyes are fixed anywhere in the Bigg Boss house, then it is Abdu Rogic. They grab the attention of the audience and inside the house with their toughness. Recently one of his clips is going viral, in which he is calling Sajid Khan fraud brother manipulation. Of course, Abdu cleans the table, so Sajid feels bad about it and says that meditation is not useful, don’t do it, it is bad. Then the very next moment Sajid says clean my room too. After this Abdu speaks brother cleverness. This dialogue of Abdu is going viral. Do you think Chalaki Bhai Chalaki Shehnaaz Gill’s dialogue can match Toda Dog Tommy? Watch Chalaki Bhaichara Viral Video

Shrewd brother cleverness to complain too


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