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Avengers Stars Trolled Chris Evans Over Sexiest Man Alive Win

avengers recently assembled to troll Chris Evans On his latest achievement.

following the announcement that Evans had been named Folk Sexiest Man Alive 2022, Chris Hemsworth revealed in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel that he and many of his co-stars in the Marvel Cinematic Universe—including Robert Downey Jr. And Jeremy Renner-fried captain american Star in their infamous group lesson.

“We have the Avengers text chain and it was very quickly like what are you doing with your hands,” Hemsworth said in a November 14 interview. “Downey said he was being arrested, I said beautiful mug shot and Jeremy Renner said many things that I will not repeat.”

Asked if he was proud of Evans for bagging the cover, extraction The actor—who held the title back in 2014—said, “Absolutely. He’s a really sexy guy.”