Ariana and Brielle Biermann Pitching Reality Series: We Wanna Be Back on TV!

Last year, bravo canceled don’t be tardyThe Zolciak-Bearman reality TV era appears to be the end.

But while many people have discussed the idea of ​​staging Kim real housewives Coming back, other eyes are on his elder daughters.

Brielle and Ariana Biermann are hot girls with their own following.

And both are offering a thought provoking reality TV idea.

Brielle Berman, Ariana Berman and Kim Zolciak in April 2021

Although many viewers noticed that Kim and Kroy’s full child has grown, Brielle and Ariana are no longer small children.

Brielle is 25 years old. Ariana is 21 years old.

And both hope that their journey as young adults will be captivating enough to captivate the mass of audience.

Kim Zolciak-Bearman smiles here with her daughter, Ariana, who was arrested for a DUI in the summer of 2022.

The proposed reality TV series, like many projects, currently has a working title: cut off,

A possible series of Brielle and Ariana will follow the two of them as they leave their parents’ home in Atlanta and move to Los Angeles.

They want to start their own hair care line. Viewers will also see him learn how to live on his own.

Brielle Biermann, Kim Zolciak, and Ariana Biermann Look Alike
Don’t Be Tardy stars Brielle Berman, Kim Zolciak and Ariana Berman know they’re very similar to each other.

The twist that gives the project its working title is that Brielle and Ariana will be leaving without parental support.

No lack of love. This is not a case of a breakdown without contact.

But no financial support from his reality star mom or his professional athlete dad.

Kim Zolciak Selfie With Kroy Berman
Kim Zolciak insisted it was her turn to take a selfie with husband Kroy Berman, captioning the set of photos: Walking on sunshine.

The proposed series pitch begins, “Doubting his ability to fend for himself and his ability to take his new venture seriously.”

It continues: “Kim plans to test her girls by cutting them all out.”

So, what does this really mean?

Brielle Biermann thirst traps the whole beach
Don’t Be Tardy star Brielle Berman made time stop as she posed for this gorgeous ocean photo.

“For the first time in their lives, the sisters will have to pay their bills,” Pitch reveals.

Brielle and Ariana “have to stay on a budget, do their own laundry, and cook and clean.”

The synopsis further states that the sisters would need to do this “while keeping away from all troubles”.

Considering Ariana’s DUI arrest earlier this year, staying out of trouble is an insignificant part of the challenge.

“With the help of their friends, the Burman pair will have to rely on each other,” the pitch reads.

The sisters will have to work together “to see if they have what it takes to make it on their own.”

Brielle Biermann and Ariana Biermann, Brunette Sisters
Don’t Be Tardy star Brielle Berman and sister Ariana Berman look stunning and positively glowy.

Now, several years ago, Brielle notes that she didn’t depend on her parents for all of her finances.

We certainly believe so. When it came to paying for her things, Brielle had her own money to spend.

But we all know that spending your money on luxuries and certain necessities while living in your family mansion is different from paying all your bills, isn’t it?

Brielle Biermann lounges in a yellow bikini
Don’t Be Tardy star Brielle Berman lounges on the beach in a mighty thirst trap wearing a yellow bikini.

Los Angeles is also a very expensive place to live.

On the one hand, Brielle and Ariana aren’t going there to live with two roommates in a one-bedroom apartment while they’re waitressing.

But they’re not exactly dealing with the easy version of going out. They are not living in the city with their parents. And there are cheap places to live.

even though cut off It happens, it may end up on different networks or streaming platforms. The peacock would make the most of it, but would the peacock see it that way?

Whatever the title, we have a suggestion: Make sure one of the friends who is on the show is Ty French.

She has been Brielle’s bestie for a long time. And given the number of people thirsty for the model, it might draw extra eyes on the series. It can’t hurt, can it?